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On Break

>> Saturday, September 09, 2017

A few months ago, Photobucket killed third party hosting and is requiring its users to pay $400 to access third party hosting. I've been using photobucket for years now in hosting all my pictures on this blog. All my photos have now been replaced with a fugly notice from Photobucket.

I don't profit from this blog so paying that subscription fee is not worth it.

For now, this blog will be on hiatus until I figure out how to fix my archive -- or find the time to manually host all the photos on Blogger. I still post photos on my Instagram or on Tumblr. I still have two posts for posting but I guess that's on hold too since I already uploaded all the photos on photobucket.


Hoot! Hoot!

>> Saturday, March 11, 2017

What do you do when your friend requests a DIY owl for a Christmas gift?

You DIY an owl to the best you can because it's your first time DIY-ing an owl.

Also, wing it as you go along.

Jason requested that I make him an owl as a Christmas present, after showing him this link from tumblr. It seemed possible for me to do. Besides, I would not turn down an opportunity to DIY something.

I got my supplies ready, and off I flew to Diagon Alley to get an owl.

In the instructions I got off from Tumblr, the body of the owl was made from foam that can be reshaped. Since foam was difficult to find here, I had to adjust and used the closest option -- styrofoam balls. It had 'foam' in the name, so it'll do.

A portion of the ball forming the body was hallowed out so that the smaller ball (which would be the head) would sit perfectly.

Crepe paper was used as the feathers. I could not find broze and gold crepe paper in the local craft stores (I visited so many branches of National Book Store and they had the fugly kiddie art colors that didn't fit the colors of the owl). I switched from the original plan of a barn owl to Hedwig from Harry Potter. I had silver crepe paper stashed at home and I just crumpled regular white paper to give an illusion that it's crepe paper too.

I cut the paper in tear drop shapes and one by one layered them on the owl's body and head.

The eyes were also made with the tear drop shapes on white and gold painted paper, fanning them out to form a circle. I glued on black beads for the eyeballs. The beak was made from a black paper cut into a cone.

The head was secured to the body with toothpicks.

I also cut two huge tear drops, folded it in the middle and attached it to the body to form the wings.

As final touches, the tips of the feathers were painted with black, just like Hedwig. I also included a DIY envelope with the Hogwarts seal, so Hedwig can bring the acceptance letter.

Time to fly, Hedwig! It'll take magic for a DIY owl to fly.


Project Planner 2017: Hemp Leaf Binding

>> Sunday, January 01, 2017

The yearly planner tradition lives on. It's back to the arts and crafts table for 2017's #projectplanner.

I still have two travel posts pending, but because 2016 has been so busy and crazy, I still don't have the time to sort and edit a bajillion photos.

Also, because of my busy work schedule, photos were rushed too. I only took one or two shots while working on the planner in the wee hours of the night, that's why most of them have bad lighting. My new year's resolution: have better photos for the 2018 planner.

*sings* Let's get it onnnn...

One. I still have a box filled with prints from years back. I took the ones with patterns and cut out circles from it.

Then using a paper cutter, I cut out the letters of the abbreviated months.

The year has finally come when I was able to buy letter stamps. During a trip to Hong Kong a month ago, I was able to go arts and crafts crazy at Log-On. Besides a BB-8 washi tape, I was able to buy mini letter stamps, which was the perfect size in stamping the days of the week.

As for the months, I bought an uppercase stamp set from National Bookstore. I know, I know, it's way cheaper in Divisoria. I didn't have the time, remember? Next time, I will go back there and buy more stamps of different sizes.

I didn't have small fonts for the numbers so I went for plan b: write them down using watercolor.

I still had old illustration board from the previous planner projects. I cut it to the desired size and covered it up with a page from an adult coloring book. I originally filled in the spaces with watercolor, but scrapped it because it had too many colors for my taste. So I took inspiration from Pinterest and the fad of single-colored shapes. I painted half of the page with gold paint.

For the cover page, I had saved some board paper from things given and bought in the past. One board paper had a crease that was perfect for me because I could use that as a flap for the cover of the planner. I just covered it up with a paperbag that I found in the trash can. Horrah for recycling!

Here came the challenging part. I wanted to try a different kind of binding for this year's project. I had already tried metal binding from outside services, copic binding, and regular back threading.

Then I discovered the Japanese stab binding.

I didn't want to do an ordinary style of stab binding (I'm ambitious and stubborn like that). I decided on the Hemp Leaf Binding because the number of holes were just right for my planner.

I found this very helpful site by amphian that showed a step-by-step diagram of how to do the hemp leaf binding. It also provided an option where you will just input the length of the binding area, and the site will automatically compute the distance between the holes. Awesome.

This part gave me a headache because I came across a couple of problems. I initially used a pushpin to create holes on the paper. However, when I was trying to thread in a twine, I could not pull the twine through the holes because it was too small. THEEEEEN, the needle broke.

So I kinda cheated. I asked my dad to drill a hole. Heh. The hole should be big enough to fit at least 3 times the thickness of the thread. The thread will go through each hold at least three times so the hole should be big enough.

Oh boy, threading was so much easier after my dad drilled a bigger hole. I still had some difficulty threading, but it was very much manageable afterwards.

The big reveal!

The first page has my name stamped on it. Still thinking on where to place in my blog and twitter url.

The holidays and the birthdays are penned in already.

The card slot will always be present.

I also used the excess thread from the binding (I didn't cut it off) and some beads to make a bookmark.

So 2017, let's be nice and organized, yeah? I'm ready for you.


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