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Project Planner 2016: Patterns

>> Saturday, January 02, 2016

The yearly tradition lives on. The first hello for year 2016 is a planner post.

For this year, I went for the monthly design, rather than a weekly one. My schedule isn't on a daily basis lately so I don't have that much items to list down for the day. I found it a waste of space (and paper because there were some days last year that were blank) so a monthly layout was the best for me. If there would be days that I would be busy and would need a to do list, I'll just stick a note using washi tape.

For the past years, I've always done the usual rectangular shape for the planner. I thought about making a triangular notebook, but wasn't too sure on how to do the layout on the inside pages. Upon searching through the internet, this post on Pinterest became the answer to my "problem." Even if the notebook is of an unusual shape, it would look normal when opened. It was all set, I was going to have a triangular planner.

Step one: Prepare

Paper, cardboard, scissors, cutter, push pins.
Fold, cut, poke holes.

Outline. Write. Line. Thread.

Step two: Assemble

Attach. Thread. Stick.

Step three: Present


Front flap

Card holder details

Monthly Design

It isn't as fancy as the previous planners. I wanted it to be a simple one this year with less details and designs. Or maybe I was just lazy to think. :P


chaoticjuris 11:17 AM  

It's so cool!!! I love seeing what you create each year.

Ailen,  11:13 PM  

This is so brilliant, Yums!

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