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Last Days of the Fifteen

>> Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It has been a yearly tradition of my relatives from the mother's side to welcome the new year together. However, when my grandmother died, that tradition died along with her. For years now me and my parents spent the New Year's Celebration at home with my cousins from the father's side who lives next door. It's usually midnight dinner followed by jumping and watching fireworks set by our fellow neighbors. Then we'd all go home and shut the windows tight because of the thick smoke coming from the fireworks and the symphony of out of tune karaoke sounds.

It was a surprise that the tradition was brought back this time, when my uncle invited all of us again to spend the New Year together in his beach house. Majority of my mom's siblings were there -- two had other commitments and could not make it -- but it was enough to bring the family together. My other cousins weren't also there because they had families of their own, so again, I was the only 'adult' from my generation.

Besides the usual activities of preparing meals for a huge batch, we spent the time in the ocean. It was a huge relief from me because I did not have the bad vibes from hearing the neighbors blast their speakers and karaoke machines. My ears took a rest for a couple of days. The only con was that the mobile data was so poor, I could not even post a photo on instagram properly. lol I also missed my internet duties (such as the planner post). You win some, you lose some.

We were also able to spread the cheer to the caretakers of the house by letting them join the tradition of 'paagaw.' My uncle would throw bills in the air while the rest of us would scramble to catch money and get the goodies aka the bigger bills. There was one buzzkill though, when a random ice cream vendor saw the fun and squeezed his way in the garden. He caught the PhP 500 bill and just left. WHAT. A. PRICK. I didn't join the paagaw anymore because it was more fun watching them follow the floating bills in a swarm. Wish I took a video though, but I was too busy laughing.

I don't take pictures of the family during our activities because my hands were full. If I wasn't chopping veggies, I was setting the table or clearing it up. I was only able to take pictures when we were lounging by the beach or when we took our pre-breakfast stroll.

The sunset is always painting a pretty picture

My aunt and the sky

Neighbor's dogs Judda and Edward (Dunno which is which, haha) #dogsofmorong

Rain from afar

It didn't fit my lens but the rainbow went over the house, like a perfect half circle with the house right smack in the middle

Hello, 2016!


Marie, LMB 2:02 AM  

Beautiful photo shots, just gorgeous. The pup with his legs almost stretched out is way too adorable and funny but, love both. ♥


amit kumar 12:16 AM  


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