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Sunsets and Skybursts

>> Monday, November 23, 2015

During the APEC week, while the top officials from different countries flocked Manila to discuss world issues, I took a road trip up north along with my relatives. My uncle finally opened his house by the beach after months of construction. He held a house blessing and we were there to celebrate it with him. It was also an opportunity to escape the traffic and the Manila-centered problems, at least for a few days.

The world is so different when you are away from the center of business and politics. The place where the house was constructed was away from the city. There was no TV signal, internet was spotty, and there was nothing else to do except watch the sunset and enjoy the sounds of nature. There weren't even that many neighbors so we only had ourselves (and the caretakers) for conversations and bonding.

Mountains as back view (that's the house)

The ocean as the front view

View from the side

Sunset Day 1

Sunset Day 2

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Sunsets = perfect lighting for portraits. And my cousin Iyah is always my willing model to practice taking pictures.

I dunno who made those sand foot prints -- crabs or baby pawikans

Edge has visited the place a couple of times already so I brought my Dalek this time.


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