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Quick Summer Getaway

>> Friday, May 01, 2015

Going to the beach to cool off is the most logical activity to do during the summer. The water is refreshing, the sea breeze is cool, and the sound of the waves is relaxing to the ears. It was what I needed for the longest time, even it was just for two days.

It has been a while since the family went on a vacation. We always go to the beach, but only to do errands for a relative. We pass by a beach resort as a stopover for lunch, stay a few hours, then go on our way for errands. It's not considered as a vacation because everything is rushed. The opportunity came when my mum decided that she wanted a getaway and some members from her side of the family were available too. On with the road trip!

We had two major activities for the trip. First was to visit the Mount Samat National Shrine in Pilar, Bataan. I visited the shrine a couple of years back with the former officemates and I wanted to visit again to look for a different view. It was the first time for -- I think -- 99% of the family so they were excited to check out a piece of history.

Because we had senior citizens with us, we decided to take a pass on the long climb up the mountain. Thank the gods that there was a road on the side of the mountain that led up straight to the shrine. We took a few photos, went up 26+ storeys high that humongous cross, and enjoyed the oh-so cold air. We also visited the Shrine at the entrance of the area which served as a remembrance to the Filipino and American soldiers who died during the Battle of Bataan in the World War II.

Kagitingan = Valor

You have to take an elevator to get to the top of the cross

So much greens from the top

Ceiling detail

Waiting for our turn to go up the shrine was made into a mini photoshoot session for the niece Dani and cousin Iyah

Down to the side of the shrine was a museum which I missed the first time I visited. It had pictures from the war, the different kinds of the weapons used, clothes by the soldiers, and even copies of the exchanges between the military and the American government. It was tough looking through the pictures because you would see how much the soldiers suffered during the war, especially when they were tortured by the Japanese.

(L) Dani and (R) my dad (the huge war geek) giving my mum a history lesson

Switchboard which was used as a form of communication

Medals of Gen. Peralta

Bazooka and a power crank

I suggest that when you drop by the museum, get a historian or find a tour guide to put things in context and perspective. I would've stayed longer to read the letters and the descriptions but the museum was about to close for the day.

After the history lesson, it was time to finally unwind with our second activity. I did not take as much pictures as I planned because as soon as we dropped our bags in the room, we immediately changed into our swim suits and hit the waves.

Me and the Iyah after our first dip in the ocean. The other cousin, a nephew and a niece were inside the room. They were all leeching internet from my phone. lol #ateproblems

At the end of the day

Ring over the ball of fire

We spent the rest of the night star gazing on the sandy shore. I was supposed to take a star trail shot because the sky was clear and all the stars were twinkling brightly but laziness got to me. I just sprawled there on the sand while Iyah forced me to listen to 5 Seconds of Summer. hahaha

Woke up early and as soon as I had a quick breakfast, it was back in the water.

Tide in, tide out

Played babysitter for the nephew Deanne. I was able to take pictures while I took a break from swimming. That was when I turned two shades darker.

Some kid who was content playing in the sand. She didn't want to go in the water.

The Atenean and the LaSallite feet. lol

Who did it better? lawl.

Now that I'm back in Manila (this post is 15 days overdue), I miss the beach. The city heat is such a torture especially in the afternoons that my body is craving for the cool water. If only the beach was just an hour away, I'd be hanging out by the sandy shores while I do both work and schoolwork. BRB apparating.


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