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project planner 2015: watercolor

>> Saturday, January 24, 2015

*runs, huffs and puffs* The project planner post is here!

I know, I know, I am almost a month overdue with this post. I usually post the project planner just before the new year starts but because of the unfortunate event that my laptop went kaput and I had to have my hard drive replaced, the post was postponed. I was able to finish and document the whole process of making the planner a week or two before new year, but it was only today that I made time to transfer the photos from my camera to the laptop.

My laptop is also fine, by the way. It has a new hard drive which means I have tons of space for new photos. Horrah!

Back to business.

When I posted on twitter that I was starting on the project planner, friends have asked me what the theme was for the year 2015. I initially planned on doing a calligraphy-themed planner, with all the fancy swirls and flourishes as a design. I had wanted to join workshops so that I was prepared for the planner project.

But because I am a full time student, which meant having no regular income, I was broke to enrol in a calligraphy workshop. Flourish plans became a flop. In between "thinking times," I opted to looking at calligraphy and handwriting videos on youtube just so I could at least get an idea how to flick the wrist and add pressure to the pen or brush to make pretty handwriting.

So I didn't exactly let go of the calligraphy theme. I switched it up a bit and made it into a "pretty handwriting" theme.

With that set, I got my materials ready.

I wasn't sure where the paint would come in but I took it out anyway. Just for color motivation.

For two years, my planner was upright. I changed it for this year and went landscape. It's the "pahabang pahigang" layout.

I cut and folded the paper lengthwise.

I made a template out of an index card for the days so I didn't need to keep on measuring and lining up paper.

Another initial plan was to but stamps so that I would just stamp the days on the planner. As usual it cost money again (and Typo's set is too expensive for me right now). Second plan was to carve numbers out of cheap erasers and make my own stamps. Laziness got to me again so I had to think of a Plan C.

My Plan C was to write the days. I used paint because I liked the texture of dried paint on paper. I was happy with my paper purchase too because the paint didn't bleed through the paper.

One color per day. It seems that I was going for the colorful path, which wasn't my original plan. haha

Back to the coptic binding. I still need practice on this.

I used an illustration board covered with ripped brown paper for the hard cover. I mixed the glue with water so that the paper won't wrinkle.

I couldn't find how to do this kind of binding so I just figured it out myself. It helped that I did the coptic binding first before attaching it to the illustration board. It wasn't as elaborate as coptic binding. It's just a through and through.

Not too shabby for an experiment

Patterns for the two mini envelopes for cards and what nots.

The peg thingie so I can attach the elastic to make the planner close.

I attached two elastic bands on the cover where the pen can go. It can hold two thin pens. I also doodled on the cover using white paint.

Aaaaand for the walkthrough of the whole planner (aka you can skip all the how-to and go straight here)...


Covered my mechanical pencil with brown paper and painted over it so that it'll match the planner

Inside: Part 1

Front flap with name for notes, front envelope

back envelope

tabs for the months

Weekly design

Made a bookmark pendant out of brown cardboard, painted 2015 on one side and Y on the other. Y because, duh.

Inside: Months
Each month has a paint pattern, which took me long because I couldn't decide or think of designs.

Tah-dah! That's also it for the first post of the year. Hopefully I'll go back to blogging, as soon as I keep my life in order.


chaoticjuris 2:30 AM  

This is beautiful! You are so talented. :) and I'm glad your lappy is okay!

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