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>> Monday, July 21, 2014

He arrived in a neatly-wrapped gift, an additional visitor when my friends and I hung out a few Saturdays ago. The name Edge emerged out of frustration over a missing puzzle piece -- an edge. It was also a follow up pun when one of Ed Sheeran's song came on Spotify.

Suddenly, we blurted out his full name, like our minds were instantly linked. "EDGE SHEEPAN!"

There was no debate. It was the best name we came up with and I have never been more proud that decision.

Edge is currently residing on my table, right beside the TARDISes and a Dalek, a bottle of knick knacks and another bottle of my baby teeth and wisdom teeth. Supposedly it's supposed to motivate me to focus on my school work and make me smile whenever I start to hate the cycle-of-paper-writing.

Edge has definitely taken the boredom out of my life. But I was also distracted. ehehehe.

Ever since I received Edge, that little sheep has taken over my Instagram.

1. Nope, not my birthday. I was just hogging the attention from Edge.

See, told ya.

2. I asked Edge to help me with school work, and he just passed by and ignored me. Gee, thanks.

3. He doesn't like to be kept waiting.

4. No, you're not allowed to come with me.

5. He remembers birthdays.

6. When the storm hit last week, power went out. Edge stayed with me in bed the whole day as I wasted the hours reading.

7. He is having a hard time conversing with a Dalek.

8. He challenged a Ferrari to a race. Okay.

9. The highlight of Edge's July was getting a drawing from Jace.

That's his happy face, I promise.

We're now brainstorming on a possible account, video, or series for Edge. Hope the attention doesn't get to his fluffy head. We'll see where his adventures will take him. One procrastination moment at a time.


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