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>> Friday, June 06, 2014

I'm not talking about the food (because that's yummy). It's the annoying spam texts that you get, selling insurance or condominiums or whatever. My friends and I were discussing this matter on chat and the ways on how we could prevent it.

Most of my text messages on my phone are from spam texters. I don't erase them, just so I can track if ever they send another text message from the same number. I just usually reply with "I am not interested." but if they get all pesky and send a message again, I unleash the taray mode. I vary the replies with: Picking on their grammar, replying with "nahiya naman ako sa pangsa-scam mo," saying that I've told them a gazillion times to stop and they don't have respect for other people's request, or texting them with random stuff repeatedly (good thing I'm on unlimited texting).

Thankfully, Globe has a new online feature where you can report spam texts. Their campaign #stopspam hopefully should lessen the number of annoying texts people get from spammers and scammers. I haven't gotten to report the numbers that have made their way to my inbox, because there are a lot. And by a lot...

Caritas Insurance
+639068744527 (Jeff Dy)
+639261688127 (Jeff Dy)
+639058692560 (Rafael Bautista)
+639234079513 (Rafael Bautista)
+639058692560 (Rafael Bautista)
+639066196899 (Micah Lim)
+639066196899 (Micah Lim)
+639358214533 (Lisa Castro/Bea Trizha Bernardo)
+639152538405 (Lisa Castro/Bea Trizha Bernardo)
+639355387675 (Lisa Castro/Bea Trizha Bernardo)

Health Card
+639155099390 (Kamille Roa, Medical Benefit Card from Clinica)

Offers from banks
+639302133095 (Jon, East West bank, offers credit card)
+639068478824 (Georgina Go, Manila Bankers, offers gift certificate)--> Reference Number: SMC14070001402

Personal Loan
+639367954830 (Jinky)
+639165644706 (Chinatrust, Lyn)
+639278149959 (Chinatrust)
+639177870854 (Chinatrust, Jade)
+639771653362 (Chinatrust, Jade)--> Reference Number: SMC14060004393
+639163452746 (Chinatrust, Kelvin Chan)
+639358473599 (EastWest Bank, Mark)
+639179511545 (Standard Chartered, Karla Locsin)
+639053489354 (Reden De Jose)
+639179940391 (Gerald)
+639174770391 (Gerald)
+639233500550 (BPI, Marcko)
+639355384083 (Wheng)
+630265514415 (Wheng)
+639355384083 (Wheng)
+639066447898 (Divine Valdez)
+639175760230 (Jing)
+639164373392 (Michelle, fast_cashloan@yahoo.com)
+639156912733 (Michelle, fast_cashloan@yahoo.com)
+639356228029 (Michelle, car loan) --> Reference number: BOP14080001586
+639202239418 (Michelle, car loan) --> Reference number: BOP14080001586
+639177345996 (Michelle, car loan) --> Reference number: BOP14080001586
+639179805126 (Erika Perez)
+639154425495 (Erika Perez)
+639161928225 (Sterling Bank, Mel)
+639357424711 (Kim)
+639173361993 (Richard)
+639173880984 (Maybank, Christy/Lance)
+639157508708 (Maybank, Christy/Lance)
+639158078524 (Maybank, Christy/Lance)
+639357940302 (Jiezel)
+639354015792 (Julia)
+639268568185 (Joyce)
+639752122294 (Regh)
+639354692231 Reference Number: SMC14070000403
+639369953418 (autotrustph.com)
+639178936850 (autotrustph.com)
+639367959654 (Car pawning) --> Reference Number: SMC14070001715
+639266016370 (Bianca) -- Reference Number: TMP14080000155
+639265194816 --> Reference Number: BOP14080001610

+639052232533 (Salcedo SkySuites)
+639166899496 (Salcedo SkySuites)
+639272561815 (Salcedo SkySuites)
+639053463401 (Three Central, Salcedo) --> Reference Number (for deactivation): TMP14080003015
+639154612098 (Veritas North)
+639288990099 (Alveo Land, Nina Jimenez)
+639175838199 (Alveo Land, Alma Quijano)
+639151124103 (Alveo Land, Ayala Land, Nina Jimenez) --> Reference Number: SMC14080001344
+639162156429 (Jay-ar Alba)
+639279197169 (Megaworld, Rain Serrano)
+639357000025 (Megaworld)
+639152602788 (Megaworld, Roy)
+639178281986 (Megaworld, Roy)
+639177695415 (Megaworld)
+639176242406 (Megaworld)
+639151790549 (Ayala Land)
+639154005457 (Ayala Land) --> Reference Number: SMC14080000736, SMC14080000736
+639153398634 (Bryan Garcia, thefortcondos.com)
+639167973782 (Ortigas and Company, Augie Perez)
+639063087725 (Ortigas and Company, Augie Perez)
+639369403366 (McKinley Hill and Global City, Kevin Stevens) --> Reference Number: SMC14070000402
+639363206019 (McKinley Hill and Global City, Kevin Stevens) --> Reference Number: SMC14070000402
+639154260418 (McKinley Hill and Global City, JB Africa) --> Reference Number: BOP14080001598
+639178141830 (McKinley Hill and Global City)
+639351317415 (Libis and BGC Fort) --> Reference Number: SMC14070001392
+639052116699 (Makati) --> Reference Number: SMC14070002863

"Discount billing" (aka send me load)
+639752308786 --> Reference Number: TMP14070004761
+639169335776 --> Reference Number: TMP14070004761
+639052023259 --> Reference Number: TMP14070004762
+639052023259 --> Reference Number: TMP14070004762
+639166708997 --> Reference Number: 639163452746
+639279182497 --> Reference Number: 639163452746

+639369523469 (Tax Principles)
+639273231156 (Philippine Tax Summit, Alex)--> Reference Number: SMC14070000426
+639175516528 (Philippine Tax Summit, Alex)--> Reference Number: SMC14070000426
+639055327035 (Compensation and Benefits Conference, May)
+639175516528 (Compensation and Benefits Conference, May)
+639331892340 (High Impact presentation Skills Seminar)
+639173057276 (High Impact presentation Skills Seminar, Grace)
+639279215667 (Strategic Recruitment Summit)
+639065874905 (Strategic Recruitment Summit, Aliyah)
+639153343377 (ASEAN Integration Summit, Jen)
+639278027358 (Cash Flow 101)
+639173361993 (Cash Flow 101) --> Reference Number: TMP14080002155
+639162428071 (Cash Flow 101)
+639356475171 (Asthma and Allergies)
+639175102257 (Asthma and Allergies)

BenLife Co. Inc.
+639264874777 (Ronnie Canete)

+639069314809 (magic jack, phjack.com)
+639261222454 (Powerbank, gadgets888.com)
+639175102258 (Powerbank, gadgets888.com) --> Reference Number: SMC14070003526
+639362454161 (Sony Bluetooth Headset, gadgets888.com) --> Reference Number: Reference number SMC14070003526
+639356472903 (herbalforkids.com)
+639175102257 (herbalforkids.com)
+639177635430 (satellite cable tv, dish.com.ph)
+639056744283 (calling card printing, norel888@gmail.com)
+639077008668 (calling card printing, norel888@gmail.com)
+639101071119 (Sky Cable)
+639362453738 (FibreLife)
+639356475396 (FibreLife)--> Reference number: 1406712693849
+639175102257 (FibreLife)--> Reference number: 1406712693849
+639064159894 (Optrimax Plum)
+639277138839 (Optrimax Plum) --> Reported
+639332829936 (Buy ink cartridge)

Earn money using the internet
+639357078500 (kaakbay.ph)

"Swindler daw kayo."
+639322210919 (moneymarketasia.com)


Note: Those with the reference numbers have been reported to Globe. I also have a consolidated list in this link. Feel free to comment.

Probably one or two of them are just trying to make a decent living. But because they're just too many and not a week goes by without receiving a message, I generalize all as spam. This list will probably be updated regularly if more and more texts arrive.

Wish I had enough time and wit to play along with a scammer, just like this person who made an effort to even send a peso via bank to a scammer. Maybe one day, I'll be able to think of a comeback.

To report spam:
1. Tweet Globe: @talk2globe or fill in a form at their website. (I prefer tweeting them because they give immediate feedback)
2. Include the number of the spammer and a screenshot of the message
3. Don't forget to include the hashtag #stopspam


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