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Color Bound

>> Saturday, May 24, 2014

Publishing. The last step in the process of writing. It comes in many forms -- a book bound and sold in bookstores, a digital copy in a blog or website, or a handout read in class -- as long as the written work is available for others to read.

After fourteen [insert adjective here] teaching sessions in April and May, I was able to have five thirteen-year old kids come up with their own stories. While I was doing their portfolio, I thought what better way to showcase their hard work than to compile all their stories and publish it into a booklet? Printing their stories and putting them in a folder was not appealing and it would just look like a normal submitted school project. Their published work had to look more legit.

All the kids learned the basic elements that went into a story. After going through several drafts, they submitted their final copy to me for final editing and proofreading. At the end, I had 45 pages worth of stories, complete with title pages and with a different page size.

Fonts used: Core Circus Pierrot for the title page, Palatino Linotype for the rest of the text

I was lazy to figure out how to layout them digitally. I printed them on scratch paper, then stuck them on folded paper. That way, it'll be easier for the photocopying ladies at UP to reproduce them.

I only spent a hundred pesos for reproducing 7 copies of the booklet. They even did the cutting and the stapling! UP SHOPPING CENTER YOU OZZAM.

The cover was printed on colored paper and it was cut to the dimensions of the booklet (when closed: 5"x6", the whole spread is well, duh: 10"x6")

Attached the cover to the spine using double sided tape. Gotta love double-sided tape. It is the answer to everything arts and crafts.

Tadaaaahhhh. Seven booklets ready for distribution! Well, six because I kept the red one. I gave one to my teacher.

One parent said, "Ay wow, souvenir."


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