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Edlyn gets married

>> Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wait, what?

Ya read right. Our dearest Edlyn who used to avoid hugs and any form of cheesiness crossed the bridge and became the opposite of anti-contact. She now gives hugs, and not just any other hug. Think big and cuddly hugs. And to complete the cheese factor, she gets married.

Cue squeals.

The events in January leading to the BFF's big day were chronicled in doodles.

1. Guise, guise. How do you bridal shower?

The usual bridal shower did not happen. Since we're a hundred percent sure that Edlyn will kill us if we bring in a stripper, her sister suggested that we did a karaoke session instead. It was a perfect teamwork, Edlyn's siblings devised a plan to bring her to the karaoke place (reason: family dinner), while the rest of us reserved the place and did the inviting.

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It was such an unusual bridal shower because the groom was there and boys were allowed to join us. It was more fitting to call it a pre-wedding than a bridal shower. Since the invitation was done on a short notice, only a few came. lol but at least each period of Edlyn's school life had a representative.

2. The Wedding Weekend
The week leading to the wedding weekend was such a blur. In all excitement, my mind wandered to what could happen during the wedding weekend. I'm surprised that I was able to concentrate with whatever I had to during the week.

Cerz and I checked-in at Richmonde hotel, the same hotel where both Edlyn and Jon stayed, the day before the wedding. We had the whole day to frolic and we used that day to bond. We invited Jihan over for a dip in the hotel pool. Edlyn dropped by our room too for a short chit-chat in the afternoon. Girl time!

Slappy Cakes is expensive. hahaha

Swimming with Jihan in the fuh-ree-zing pool (photos by Cerz)

We were up the next day at 6:30 AM to have breakfast and prepare. THIS IS IT PANSIT!

All dolled up for our bridesmaids' duties! (photo by Cerz)

We hung out at Edlyn's room after checking out for the pre-wedding shoot. Edlyn's dad was giving out funny remarks regarding all the fuss that happens before a wedding. It's true, a bride can never get dressed in peace. From the make up to putting on the dress, to wearing the shoes are documented in video and photo. They took hours to get everything recorded. I'm sure if the cameras weren't there, Edlyn would be dressed in 30 minutes. lol. But it's her big day, so the big fuss was allowed.

Good thing the hotel was just minutes away from the church. Even if pre-wedding shoot ran late, the wedding started on time.

All wedding pictures are from Jace's camera. I brought a camera but of course I couldn't lug a huge ass camera with me while walking down the aisle.

My mum was one of the principal sponsors

OMGEDLYNISSOPRETTY. When she reached the middle part of her walk, I started to tear up. LAWLZ.

We all cheered when the much-awaited kiss happened. Because why the hell not? Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the kiss. We'll just wait for the official photos from Ruffa.

The celebration continued at Gazebo Royale, where all the fun happened. Let's just say that what happened at Gazebo will remain in Gazebo. I think the friends had the most fun, especially during the games part.

Quincy took over my camera because most of the time, the entourage (me included) was dragged into things we weren't expecting to do. But we did it anyway for the love of the bride and groom. The following photos are a mix of my shots and Quincy's.

Cerz and Chika

Quincy and Jihan

Mitch and Geopet Peter

Table 17 rules! We were one of the winners of the guess-the-song game. :D

The newly weds. YIHEE.

Edlyn and Jon's law friends are total nutheads. You wouldn't think that they are lawyers because they were so game to make a complete fool out of themselves. They were the life of the party.

The epic macarena dance off

The look of victory on Jace's face when we were eliminated from the singles' game. This is the part where I am not allowed to speak about the fate of the pair that "lost." HAHAHAHA

Before Jon took off the garter from Edlyn's leg, the guys joined in for a semi sleazy dance.

BFFs! (photo by Jace)

It was such a happy day. It was that day when I saw Edlyn smile the biggest. We were happy to see her happy and full of love. We could see how much Jon and Edlyn loved each other and we were grateful to be part of that memorable moment of their life. It was the start of a new life together, as husband and wife.

I'll update the post when the official photos come out. For now, enjoy the same-day edit video that sums up the whole wedding. Congratulations Edders and Jon! We love yooouuuu.

Jon and Edlyn Same Day Edit
from Zoombox Wedding Videos on Vimeo.


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