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Planner Year 5: Pull to Open

>> Monday, December 09, 2013

The weeks are going by so fast. A few wiggles and jiggles, 2013 is going to regenerate into a new year, just as Eleven will regenerate to Twelve.

So will my planner.

Yup, it's the time of the year for the big planner project.

For three years (2009, 2010, 2011), I had my pages bound in UP (wooo shopping center!) for a low price. Then last year, I got lazy to take a trip to UP so I decided to bind it myself using metal rings.

I wanted something new for this year's project. Ian suggested that I try coptic binding. I mentioned that I wanted a kind of binding that'll allow me to open the planner flat on the table and she said that coptic binding is the one I was looking for.

Coptic binding it is!

Tools? Ready!

Note: They are scientific instruments, not water pistols!

Water color, pencil, colored pencils, cutter, colored thread (used for cross stitching), poster color, scissors, paintbrush (Not in picture: glue, ruler and colored pens)


I used Postcard-sized flyers from my Singapore trip two years ago as a divider for the notes page

I cut the paper crosswise (5x5 x 8.5 inches), then folded it. I had six sections with seven sheets each, each section having two months. I used colored paper for the section covers.

Using a plastic ring I found in my knick-knack bottle, I made circular patterns on the paper. That's where the days went. I didn't want anything computerized on my planner (besides, I don't have colored ink and I'm lazy to do the layout on photoshop) so I did things manually. Thanks to the idea I got from erinzam on Flickr.

Getting paint all over my fingers

One by one I wrote the days.

Tadah, final product.

It was back to the typewriter for the monthly calendar. I used brown craft paper (crumpling was intentional) and typed the days on it.

Red color is for Saturday and Sunday, Blue is for non-working holidays and green is for special holidays

I always have a mini envelope in my planner. That's where I put business cards, mementos, notes, tickets, and what nots. For the envelope, I used cardboard.


Folding in the flaps and gluing it in

I placed learning quotes on the front flap. I got a box of quotes for Christmas years back. They finally found some use.

Final product

I used a photo print of my chucks then cut out my name. Personalized!

Does it look like the shoes of a certain Doctor?

I still had left-over illustration board. It's really sturdy so I used it again as a cover. I covered it with stained paper I saw at Papemelroti. I don't know what it's called and what it's for. I just liked the texture so I bought it for fifty bucks and used it to cover the illustration board.

Double sided tape, I love you forever

Old wrapping paper that I found. Forgive the horrible exposure, I was lazy to fix the settings and take a second shot.

It was time to bind. I have never done this before so I was glued to online tutorials on blogs and on youtube. I had no room to mess up.


I first placed markers on the paper on where the thread will go.

Thank you push pin for being a savior. I didn't want to spend for an awl.

All holey sections!

The entry on autostraddle.com was the most helpful for me in binding instructions. Oh and each section is properly called a signature. heh.

I used a regular needle to sew the thread through the holes.

Time to chant!
Front cover:
Signature - inside to outside
Cover - outside to inside
Cover - outside to inside
Signature - outside to inside

I just started and my back was aching already. HAHAHAHA

Signature - inside to outside
go around previous stitch
Signature - outside to inside

Repeat. It should look like this halfway through:

Back cover:
Cover - inside to inside
Go around previous stitch
Cover - outside to inside

I finished binding after four hours (and in the wee hours of the night). Phew. Break. Sleep. Continue the next day.

I got the major activity out of the way. I could finally move on to putting the final details.

At this point, I did not know how I would design the planner. I also had no idea on how to write 2014 on the cover without making it look ordinary.

I wanted something fandom-y and I could not pick one. WHY AM I FAN OF SO MANY THINGS??

The ideas came very sloooowly.

At this point, I will digress.

This year is a big year for the Doctor Who community. Doctor Who just celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Doctor Who fans of all ages were excited for the 50th anniversary episode.

Who wouldn't be excited to see Matt Smith and David Tennant in one episode? It would be a doozy if Christopher Ecccleston was part of it too, but because he wasn't available, the production team had to adjust the plot. I'm sure they had something else planned if Nine agreed to be in it. Nevertheless, it was still a great episode, especially that part at the end where [spoilers]. You know which part I'm referring to. I'm a hundred percent sure everyone loved that part.

So with that hype over the big reunion episode, I was inching towards the idea of having a Doctor Who themed planner.

I liked the idea of having a TARDIS again. During the last planner project, I used the TARDIS as a bookmark, that went from week to week. Wibbly-wobbly.

I originally wanted to make a mini TARDIS and use it as a pendant for the bookmark. But Starbucks beat me to the pendant idea so nevermind.

So I ended up doodling a TARDIS on craft paper.

Forget the thesis for a while, I need to doodle.


It clicked. I knew how to design the cover and write 2014.

Why not write using the Gallifreyan Alphabet?


I remembered that I have a Gallifreyan Alphabet generator installed on my laptop. I just have to type the words (apparently Gallifrey doesn't do numbers) then it'll automatically come up with the circles and lines.

Painting on the outline

Two thousand and fourteen

Sticking on the TARDIS

Twelve doctors. Twelve months. Light bulb moment. AHA! I had two ideas in mind when I was thinking of designs for the monthly markers:

- write the catchphrases on the covers of each section
- doodle the objects that are unique to each Doctor

Miya and Chino helped me complete the catchphrases and objects for the doctors. My problem with the catchphrases was the typography while I was thinking on how to doodle the objects and where to place it.

Ahhh design dilemmas.

Then tatadah, another lightbulb moment. Let's go back to the Gallifreyan Alphabet and use it as monthly markers.

I cut circles the size of five-peso coins

One circle for each month. Each circle just says one to twelve. Didn't use the translation of the months.


I still want to put the catchphrases and the doodles. For now, I'm still thinking on how to do it. Also... what am to do with the extra Doctor? M suggested I use it for the address book or the notes. I used the address book already for the "Possible Companions."

Wait, what? What extra Doctor? /walks away slowly

I didn't say anything. You know nothing about an extra Doctor.

For the personal information, I made a little blurb on the page after my name. It's still Doctor Who themed.

What's behind Ten's shoes?

Shhhh... spoilers. Can you read it? Ooo-weee-oooo.

I had excess thread from the binding, so I attached it to back flap of one section, then did a four-string braid. That became my bookmark.

Blue! "The eagle has landed!" Used the tutorial from quirkability

If you travel with the Doctor, you do not really know what to expect. I'm jumping in the TARDIS. I'm trusting the Doctor to take me to adventures. All I'm sure is that I'm ready to face whatever 2014 brings. I've made the initial jump last October and I'm not stopping to visit another world.



chaoticjuris 12:35 PM  

Love it!! So awesome!!!!!

yumi 12:49 PM  

Thanks, tumblrhoney!

Adi ��,  6:25 PM  

Gets better and better! Good job! :)

yumi 4:42 PM  

Yaaaay! Thanks, Adi (ang aking starbucks sticker pardner. haha) :D

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