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One Year in Doodles

>> Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's the last day of the year (at least for my time zone). I haven't been blogging much because I have turned to the blank pages of the notebook and have done the traditional way of journaling.

Everyone is doing a recap of what has happened in 2013, and I will do the same as the last blog entry for 2013. It's also my way of catching up on the blog entries that I was meant to post this 2013.

1. Cookbook - my Moleskine has turned into a recipe book for all the experimental cooking that I have done.

Cheese sticks

Result: Too cheesy and too buttery haha (Recipe here)

Pasta dishes from Jaime Oliver's YouTube channel

This was a success. (Carbonara recipe | Spaghetti with Meatballs recipe)

2. Quotes - slogans, random thoughts, lines from TV shows or songs

Matilda was my main musical for the year

Quote from Wings and Hey, How ya Doin? by Little Mix

The best moment that happened during Eleven's regeneration

3. Doodles - lots and lots of them

Jace drew on my Moleskine!

My godchild Cielo and I always go on a collaborative drawing every Sunday during church service. Usually I doodle, then she colors the doodles in. Sometimes she draws on my notebook.

I wonder when I'll get to jam with a band again.

I liked the flower doodle on one notebook, I drew it again on the cover of my Moleskine

Josh Groban gets immortalized in doodles

Theater people will understand this reference. I took a final bow during October as a leap of faith.

4. Journal Pages

There is one point in time where every doodler sketches the Starbucks cup

One just once, but a lot of times

Even from a different coffee shop

My cousins and I were sick and tired of riding the cramped MRT every day, and wished for a nearer place

My parents experienced the rush hour at the MRT and this is what they had to say

Stressed #1

Stressed #2. Doodling kept me sane throughout the year.

Bumoto ako! I voted!

Tomorrow is a new year. For most people, it is a brand new start, a reset from all the things that has happened in the past year. I don't usually make specific resolutions because I rarely follow them. I just tag the year with a theme. Last year was a year of uncertainty (and also an emotional year). This year, it'll be a year to create. A year to create a new path for my career, a year to create more doodles in my planner (no more boring planners with to do lists and schedules), a year to create a new me. I've taken a leap of faith with my October decision and it is time to leap into a new path that God has created for me. So here's to thanking 2013 and here's to welcoming 2014 with a burst of color.

Ironically, my doodle for my new year's resolution is in black and white. lol Hey, black and white are still colors.


Anonymous,  12:46 PM  

Wow! You''ve really taken time to doodle all that and it looks sensational!

Sahira 11:33 AM  

oh my gosh your doodles are perfect *___* i wish i had half your talent pls

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