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Hear me say, "EXTERMINAAAATE!"

>> Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I am proud of myself for battling the biggest monster in my life this week: the bathroom.

For weeks I've been dying to clean because I cannot stand a dirty bathroom. I was getting all "gigil" (sorry, non-Filipinos, I cannot find a proper English translation for this), seeing the dirty rims in the toilet and the water stains in the shower area. Mopping the floor wasn't enough because the dirt stuck on the tiles was smirking at me and mocking me. "HA HA HA! YOU CANNOT GET US OUT OF HERE."

Before I went insane, I transformed into a Dalek and went all Doomsday and declared Victory of the Daleks over the bathroom.


The last time I cleaned a toilet thoroughly was during camp more than a decade ago. We were workers for the kids' camp and we stayed in a place where the bathroom was really horrible and dirty. We, the volunteers, busted out or pails, mops and brooms (all hail the walis ting-ting) and cleaned the heck out of the bathroom for the kids who would use it. That was a group effort and I was proud of it.

This time, I had to battle the bathroom alone. It wasn't as dirty as the camp bathroom, but still, I didn't have friends to call for help. HAAAAAAALP.

"Connection confirmed. All soldiers will take heed! Weapons will be primed!"
-Evolution of the Daleks

I dealt with the toilet first and the brown icky rim. The brush and the cleaning powder went in and I scrubbed the hell out of it. Every crook and cranny of that toilet got soaped clean -- the toilet seat, the bowl, side, front, in and out. Flush all the dirt away!

I also brushed the tiles until there was a soapy wonderland on the tiled floor. I also brushed the grime in the sink. All body hair went into the bin. I mopped the soapy floor then mopped it again after rinsing.

"They cannot escape! They will be exterminated! Exterminated! Exterminated!"
-The Chase

This is the way to the drain, you ugly dirt. Down you go and never come back! I even wiped the bin clean and took out the trash.

"Prepare for universal detonation!"
-Journey's End

Phew. That was such hard work, but boy, that was the proudest moment of the month. Forget about the lesson plans and the work deadlines. This was most fulfilling event ever.

Susan: Why are you doing this?
The Doctor: That's sheer murder!
Dalek: No! Extermination!


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