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Summer Tag

>> Monday, July 15, 2013

Remember when tagging fellow bloggers was a thing? Karla (lol, I'm still not used to calling you Karla) resurrected the blog tagging with a summer theme.

It's currently the summer vacation for her on the other side of the world. The Philippines is on the rainy season, but I can still consider it summer because of the bipolar weather that we have. In the morning it's crazy hot, but when the late afternoon/evening comes, the rain pours. It pours just when everyone is clocking out of work and is getting ready to face the horrible commute home. Commute + rain = walk of shame.

Drop the attitude and let's get back to the summer vibe. I'll be shifting from Philippine and American summer time, whichever is appropriate for what is asked.

Shades on, let's get this summer favorites survey going!

(Unlike Karla's post, I don't have photos to share. I leave you with doodles instead.)

1. What is your favorite summer treat?
Ice cream never fails to make me happy. I can just cross the street to Mini Stop (the equivalent of 7-11) and have my ice cream fix. However lately, I'm craving for a huge cup of Dairy Queen. Blizzard ftmfw.

2. What is your favorite non-alcoholic summer beverage?
Ice, ice, ice. Anything that is cold and with ice. Hot tea helps too, sometimes. But I let it cool down for a bit before drinking it.

3. What is your favorite alcoholic summer beverage?
Haha, pass. I don't drink.

4. What is your favorite piece of summer clothing?
Dresses can be considered as summer clothing right? I've been on the look out for summer dresses this year, because all my office wear are not appropriate for the hot weather. The Ayala MRT is also not friendly for thick clothing, so as much as possible, I want something comfortable and at the same time presentable. I'm so thankful for the local boutiques here, I am able to buy cute dresses for less than a thousand pesos.

5. What is your favorite summer accessory?
I used to laugh at people who open their umbrellas when it's not raining. Boy, who's laughing now? I am now part of the club who'll open an umbrella the second that I step out in the sun.

6. What is your favorite summer vacation spot?
Beach. Beach. Nothing beats a summer sunburn in the beach. I shall daydream instead, since I wasn't able to have a proper summer vacation in the beach. The office outing semi-counts. But I still want a week in the beach, doing nothing but read a book and an occasional dip in the ocean.

7. What is your favorite show to watch during the summer?
The local television scene does not have summer seasons. They only peg around 16 weeks per show, then they just extend if the ratings are high. I'm basing this with the summer shows in the States. Newsroom started today (haven't watched it). I put all my dance dreams on So You Think You Can Dance. I watch Graceland for the Tveit. Oh, there's this Filipino show that is such a hit right now. Guess what that is. Of course I'm not telling because it's such a guilty pleasure. You'll figure it out because everyone is talking about it for it's bold theme.

8. What is your favorite game to play during the summer?
Push. Pull. Squeeze. Retain your composure. Breathe. Keep your valuables close. All that while trying to read a book in a moving train. This is my daily game in the morning and going home: the commute home via the MRT. I knooooow, it's boring. I don't play video games. Does Words Up or Traffic Jam count? Maybe not.

9. What is your favorite activity to do during the summer?
I'm a home person. So whenever I'm home during the weekends (which is most likely), I only do three things: sleep, go online, and turn on the airconditioning. I should've done my thesis, but my brain is so tired from work that I end up sleeping the afternoon away.

10. What music do you listen to during the summer?
After watching the Tony's, I scoured the internet to get a copy of the cast recording of Matilda the Musical. It's my musical addiction right now. I am obsessed with the songs, "Naughty" and "Quiet." I even had a phase where I spent the whole day just watching clips of Matilda on Youtube. Go check it out, it's a lovely musical.

"If it's not right, you have to put it right. But nobody else is gonna put it right for me. Nobody but me is gonna change my story."

"The words they are forming cannot reach me anymore. And it is quiet, and I am warm, like I've sailed into the eye of the storm."

The song "Revolting Children" is so much like Spring Awakening. I'm imagining the kids to grow up to be the Spring Awakening cast. haha Hello future angsty kids. Trish said that the kid doing the solo is the mini Otto. I said he'll grow up to be Moritz.

"We are revolting children living in revolting times, we sing revolting songs, using revolting rhymes."

11. Bonus Question: What is the least favorite thing you have to do this summer?
Go. To. Work. 'Nuff said.

Karla tagged fellow bloggers. I'm doing the same. Can I tag the same people that she tagged? haha I'm friends with some of them too! No? Ffft. Fine.
Maui: my 1D sister has her post here.
Tia: check out her entry here
Ceres: She's done, but her entry's locked. haha

If you have done this too, leave a link below and I'll update my entry and add your summer finds!


Chris and Karla 1:40 PM  

I really love the fact that you doodled your answers! It made it even more fun to read! Brilliant on the summer accessory and favorite game to play. LOL! Thanks for being a great sport and joining this tag!

yumi 12:36 PM  

Thanks for the tag, lovely! :)

Ceres,  3:36 AM  

DONE!!! <3

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