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>> Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 21, 2013. Remember the date, the date I was spotted.

Friday afternoon, I was already feeling nauseated. I tweeted that I was sleepy and could hardly keep my eyes open. By the time I was fetched from work (didn't commute because the parents were around the area), I already had a slight fever. It became a full-blown fever by midnight -- bundled up in jammies and a thick sweater, with socks and a hot compress on my feet.

I drank meds and the effect immediately kicked in. I still felt lousy the next day -- which I associated with work stress -- but at least I was up and clacking away on my laptop, working. I also felt bummed that I missed a scheduled day out with friends. I just thought of it as a blessing in disguise because it gave me time to catch up on overdue deadlines. *shakes fist* Lesson plaaaans.

Sunday came and I was feeling better. My mom noticed that I had bumps on my faces, but my uncle who lived across the street and also a doctor shrugged it off and said they were allergies. Allergies due to dust or maybe stress. I went on with my life and went to church and lunch at the mall.

Then my mum decided to have my "allergies" checked again with my uncle because more of it appeared on my chest. The bumps on my face grew. My uncle had a better look at it and wah-lah.

Chicken pox.

Manok pox. (Chino calls it Manox.)

Poxy. (Please pronounce it with da Pilipino Englesh, F with and "ep" and P with a "phee." like Phaxy. Para less scary and more triple x sounding.)

Triple x means triple "Don't touch me." Rather, Donnn tats meh.

I've had numerous chances of catching the virus -- in highschool when my seatmate got it, years back at work when Quincy received a second round of the pox, and way back when my cousins got it too. I think I had a strong immune system at that time and I wasn't able to catch it.

I don't know from whom I got it. I just know it came at a right time when my immune system was down and weak because of the sleepless nights and the stressful workload I was having lately. Here it is finally, the day I've been waiting for. I am now part of the club who can share experiences about the pox!

There's nothing to share really, because there aren't that many bumps on my body. There are around ten on my arms, and three or four on my legs. The most horrible part is the face. It's like I had a major pimple breakout session. I could feel every bump on my face whenever I would wash it. *cringe*

The itch only lasted two days. Right after my other uncle (who is a dermatologist) gave me medicine for my poxy-face, I battled every scratch urge with itch lotion. Now I'm itch free, but still with a poxy face.

I can't go out of the house right now or else someone else will get the poxy face like me. Maybe even a poxy body. But I think I was carrying the virus already when I went out last Sunday. Soooo to whomever I met last Sunday in church, the people around me in the public transpo, I apologize if you get the Chicken Pox. Ehe.

Only those who have had the Pox can only visit me, unless you want to get it too and get it over with. It means I'll be working at home for the next few weeks. Which I should be doing right now. I just took a short morning rest because I stayed up late for the last two days because I was trying to meet an overdue deadline.

Okay, off to get a cold shower then it's back to scratch, scratch, scratch. I mean, work, work, work.


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