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Saving Nutella

>> Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What should you do if you're stuck at home with a bottle of Nutella?

1) Eat it straight from the bottle
2) Experiment with simple Nutella recipes

I've done #1 countless times already. It was time to do #2, because I needed a faster way to finish up my Nutella. So off to the internet I went and look for easy recipes to try out. I wanted the least number of ingredients and ingredients that I could find in the kitchen. The kitchen at home is not exactly a chef's haven, because we only have the basics. Because I was also stuck at home with the chicken pox, I haven't had the time to take a trip to the grocery to replenish our cupboards and fridge with food.

I found two recipes which I thought was fairly easy for me to manage. One is the Nutella brownies that only needed Nutella, flour and eggs. Unfortunately, flour is not a staple ingredient at home and the eggs were eaten for breakfast already.

From three ingredients, it went down to two. The second recipe I found was Nutella ice cream. ICE CREAM! oh noms noms noms. I was sold. We had bananas at home so it was a big check on the ice cream. The foodie project was definitely on.

Doodly-dooing the foodie project on my Moleskine. (Pattern nicked from wallibs.com)

The stars of the show

What do you need?

A food processor or an Osterizer
Bananas (the number depends on how banana-y you want it to taste. The more Minion you are, the more bananas you put in)

Cocoa powder

How do you do it?

1. Place your bananas in the Osterizer. Nutella follows in. Finger-licking moments are allowed. Yum.

(Pattern from chrispiascik.com)

*There's another recipe which also suggests that you cut the bananas into coins then freeze them, before blending them with the Nutella.

2. Cream until you get the consistency of baby food. If you don't want that image, just make sure all the ingredients are mixed together evenly.

3. Pour into popsicle containers or any kind of container. Pop it in the fridge. Now for the hardest part: Wait impatiently.

4. ICE CREAM! Finalllyyyyyy.

Say hello to my attempt at food photography.

- I should have used 3 or 4 bananas. The banana taste is overpowering the Nutella, like an aftertaste. It still tastes good because I love banana, but my tastebuds are looking for the Nutella flavor.
- I was strict on the 1/3 cup of Nutella. I should have emptied the bottle of Nutella. Chef's are never strict on the measurements, I should have followed their example. "That should be around a cup of milk." Estimating powers, you rule.
- The banana stops the mixture for freezing over like ice cubes. It's still easy to scoop out the ice cream after freezing it overnight.
- I shot this around dusk and natural light was dying on me, so I used a table lamp for extra lighting. Lol at all the lighting fail. I was also lazy to use a makeshift reflector so that the lighting is even.


Anonymous,  2:07 PM  

Yummy! penge! :)

yumi 2:12 PM  

I will as soon as you come out of your anonymous shell. :P

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