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Sandy Toes

>> Monday, July 01, 2013

My last blog entry was dated on the 28th of March and was about my quick trip to the beach. I come out of hiding three months after with another post about a trip to the beach. Maybe it's been three months since something exciting has happened with my life that required lugging my camera and taking photos.

Hello, Blogspot, I have missed you. I'll talk about missing blogging some other time when I have prepared my materials (slash doodles) that come with that topic.

For now, let's soak in the sun and talk about the sand and the ocean!

The people in the office were itching for a break that we vowed to escape the routine work in the office, the pollution, and the crazy commutes. We booked a two-day trip to the beach as soon as the summer programs ended. We found it silly to schedule an outing in the middle of the rainy season but thankfully, the weather cooperated with us and gave us the sun.

We stayed at Coral View Resort, in Morong, Bataan. We arrived there on a weekday, so it was like owning the whole resort. We went pool hopping (there were two pools!), had games on all sandy space possible, pranced around the obstacle course, and chatted the afternoon away with chips and drinks.

Our view from our room. Isn't it lovely?


Water was shallow. I think Edgar was a hundred meters away from the shore when I took this photo. Look, he's even standing on rocks!

Because I'm on zoom lens, I can't take selfies of my face. So here's a photo of my weird toes. #yumiproblems

That spot of the beach where the resort was located was also a fishing area. We saw fishermen in waist-deep waters, fishing for food, in the early morning and late at night. We even felt the fish nipping on our legs when we took a dip in the ocean. I wish I took a photo of them when they were fishing at night, with their little lamps hanging from their heads while trying to spot for fish.

We enjoyed our short bonfire activity, roasting marshmallows and drinking (hey, I got the non-alcoholic drinks!), just before the rain came to err... rain on our parade. *shakes fist* We were just getting started! We took shelter in one of the open cottages and drank in the dark. Haha, now we know how it feels to be a contestant on Survivor, even if we had better living conditions.

We all got our tan and sunburn the next morning. Right after breakfast, frolicked on the beach again. Stupid me for deciding to put on sunscreen hours after hitting the beach. So now I have a sunburn on my chest that looks like a bib. *laughs at self*

It's a boat! It's a boat!

(1) Beach babes. Minus me. #yumiproblemsagain (2) Time to get twisted!

Oh look it's... my back.

Meg took home a new friend for her niece, which she named Gary.

Two days isn't enough to destress ourselves, but who am I to complain. It was still enjoyable and overall it was a good break. It was good to let loose, inhale clean air, chat with officemates-turned-friends, and experience a different environment.

Someone take me to the beach again.


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