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>> Saturday, July 27, 2013

Everyone is doing selfies. I don't like doing selfies because 1) no one really wants to see a million shots of my face online and 2) that's basically it.

I'll make an exception today. If selfies are usually done in photos, why not change it up a bit and do a selfie doodle?

Actually, I only did it as a contribution to the challenge on Doodlers Anonymous. However, when I was about to submit my doodle, I realized that the deadline for the challenge was last June 26. LOL fail.

So there goes my face. I'll probably check out the past challenges so I have ideas on what to doodle. More doodles = more entries to post! Let's get back to blogggiiiiing.

P.S. Oh look, I have lots of blog entries this month.

P.P.S. Still don't like taking selfies after this challenge. Therefore, I leave you with a photo of my face with another in-thing: flower crowns.

Hashtag awkward selfie. Ever heard of smiling, self?


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