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Sun's out, summer's in!

>> Thursday, March 28, 2013

Who in the world goes to the beach just to eat and sleep?

Yep, me.

After a hectic and stressful week at work, I tagged along with my uncle and his former staff members for a road trip to the beach two Saturdays ago. Even if it meant waking up at 3 friggin' AM so we could avoid the traffic and get there early, I had to do it.

It could have been fun because the beach was deserted and I packed my swimsuit with me, but since I was the only kid (you know what I mean) in the group, it'd be silly to frolic and take selfies on the beach. But then, I don't take selfies. Also, it's stupid to take selfies with a DSLR and zoom lens. What am I gonna shoot anyway, my nose?

So I just stood there in knee-deep water, mentally slapping myself because I forgot my waterproof case and I wanted to dip my camera in the water and take half-submerged shots, pretended to be a waterbender, and inhaled fresh air. I also wished I brought a blanket so I could lie down on the sad and read a book.

Dropped by a pawikan conservation center for a few minutes.

It wasn't the hatching season so we didn't see any pawikan action.

But we saw baby pawikans!

And huuuuuge ones who are being kept safe

Beachin' time!

"Don't step on meeee!"

I swear I have weird toes.

I stood there until I was called for lunch. We passed by the local wet market before heading out to the beach, then had it cooked at the resort. Fresh meat, fish and veggies meant a lovely feast. Top it with a tall glass of soda. Ahhh this is the life. I enjoyed it too much that I forgot to take photos of it.

The wet market in Balanga is the cleanest and most organized wet market I've seen

Dried fish! This is fried and served with garlic rice. And you have to eat it with your hands. That's the Filipino way of eating food!

While the oldies were in the cottage chatting with each other, I found my perfect alone time in a hammock. I was supposed to read a book while being swayed by the wind, but that went out the window (or into the sea). I ended up napping for more than an hour with the sound of the waves in the background and the cool breeze lulling me to sleep.

I want to go back to the beach and spend the night there. The alone time was short-lived. I wanna go back with friends, swim in the ocean, lie down on the sand, get a sunburn tan, and have a weekend-long vacation. But when?


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