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A Century Old

>> Saturday, February 23, 2013

Age does matter when you've reached a milestone in your life. For my grand aunt, age did matter because last February 7, she celebrated her 100th birthday.

Lola Salud the closest thing to having a grandmother. My grandmother (mum's mum) died years back when I was in college. She's the only one left among her siblings (they were seven). She's the sister of my grandfather, whom I never met. He died way before I was born.

She lives in the province and we always visit her every February on her birthday, All Saint's Day and Christmas. I love how her face would light up whenever a relative would visit. We'd tell her not to bother, but she'd make her famous rice cake. When she finds me dozing off on the couch, she'd tell me to take a nap on her bed. She would always ask me if I already have a boyfriend ("May katipan ka na?"), randomly dance the jig, slap my butt (yes, this is a regular thing), and make a face. She's the hippest lola ever.

So when she reached the big hundred, it was a big celebration. The clan rented out a place somewhere in the small town of Majayjay (that's where our province is) and we were given tasks. I designed the big tarp and invitations. Dad was in charge of the sound system (with the help of my One Direction cds. BAHAHAHA). My cousins prepared games and a dance presentation. My aunts looked for a caterer and gathered the guest list.

Her specialty is making faces. It's so difficult to get a decent photo of her because she'd always, without fail, make a face when she sees a camera.

My no-so-little cousins danced the Gangnam Style. I thought I retired my ears from that song already. lol

The Pinoy Henyo game is such a hit anywhere

Her secret to staying strong? Eat everything. Including lechon.

No one is too old or young for balloons.


It'll be an understatement if I say that she has gone through a lot. She has survived an operation (and the scare of having Alzheimer's), outlived her siblings, and showed us that she can live independently (she doesn't rely on canes or wheelchairs). God has given her a hundred years to be an inspiration to me and she will always be my role model in living life with a jig and a smile.


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