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Hello December

>> Saturday, December 01, 2012

Hello, Moon.

For the longest time, I have been using the wrong manual settings when photographing the moon.

Everyone on Twitter was raving about how pretty the moon was, how cheesy and yellow it looked like, blah, blah, blah. And I was getting jealous of all the moon photos that they were posting, so I decided to take out my camera and go for a stroll on our not-anymore tennis court to look for the moon.


I love walking around without my flip flops lately, especially when I'm just going to stay all day at home. Since we're all in footwear, our feet are getting the usual surfaces -- the smooth insides of a shoe, or the fluffy feeling of socks. Walking barefooted reacquainted my feet with the different ground surfaces: squishy (from the moss), prickly (from the grass), cold and hard (concrete) and plain old dusty. Also, maybe I'm going hobbity. Oh wait, I don't want the hairy feet.

Anyway, back to the moon.

So I used my usual settings: ISO 800, f/4.3 (or the biggest that my aperture can go), and a 1/80 shutter speed. Clickty-shutter-click-click and I retreated back to my usual spot in front of the laptop and transferred my photos.

Crap. No really, they were crap. Not even photoshop can save my moon photos.

What the hell am I doing wrong?

Well thank you internet for telling me how to do it properly. All this time, I was scared to change my settings and try the supposedly dark settings on a moon shot. I got the quick tutorial from clarkvision.com, copied the settings and went out again.


Settings: ISO 200 (200!! ON A DARK NIGHT!), F/4, 1/800 (AGAIN, 1/800 ON A DARK NIGHT!!), 200mm

It still needs improvement, but it's a start. Besides I was in a hurry because I still need to do some school work for the night.

(Also seen on Tumblr.)


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