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Four People, Two Countries (Part 2): Disneyland!

>> Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true." -Cinderella

After spending a whole morning going around the city, we were finally dropped off at the most-awaited event of the whole trip: DISNEYLAND! It is the home of the well-loved Disney characters, including my all time favorites: Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The place brought us back to our childhood. As soon as we heard the cheerful music blasting on the way to the entrance, the four of us were skipping and singing like little kids. The Disney magic was still in us.

Forget about the intense heat and the long lines at the rides, we were determined to make the most of our stay in the magical land. It's so magical that the Disney characters were talking in Cantonese. hahaha (now I'm trying to imagine if Disneyland were in the Philippines. I think I'm going to have a good laugh if I hear Mickey Mouse speak in Filipino.)

We only got to experience four major events and attractions: the parade, the Golden Mickeys show, one ride at Toy Story land (three for Cerz) and the fireworks display. That was all we could squeeze in, including stopping by the souvenir shop.

One game you'd love playing when you visit Disneyland is the "Spot the Pinoy" game. I think 60% performers are Filipino. Just by watching the parade alone, one would easily pinpoint who the Filipinos are. Our friend Joms was once a Disney prince. He performed as Shang and a Woody look-a-like for the Golden Mickeys.

Because Hong Kong is right near the equator, the weather is so much like home. It was just scorching hot in the afternoon. The giant fans and mist areas scattered around the place were very much appreciated. No wonder that the name of the parade is the Mickey's Waterworks. The Disney characters sprayed and poured water towards the audience. Jace and I were at a safe spot, away from all the water. I think Cerz and Edlyn (who were standing a few feet away from us and near the curb) got wet.

The Golden Mickeys is a showcase of the heroes in all the Disney movies. Guess who we saw? Maita Ponce! Maits was my seatmate in high school and we also went to the same university. Was so amused when she said her lines in Cantonese.

While Cerz and Edlyn tried out one ride, Jace accompanied me in line for the biggest moment of my life.

Happiest point in my life, right there. (Photo by Jace.)

So how does my arm taste like? (nicked from Jace as well.)

If you're planning to visit Hong Kong, I suggest that you allot one whole day in Disneyland. It opens around 10 am and ends at 9:30 pm (that's when the fireworks start so you'd better be around to catch it because it's spec-ta-cu-larrrr!) While you're at it, go book a night at the hotel. Splurge all you can, because it's Disneyland!

Starting the Disney adventure at 3 pm is not a very good idea because you'll be spending a lot of time walking, lining up for rides and shows, and choosing which area to stay in and eat. Also try to ride the MTR to Disneyland, instead of joining the tourbus. I think the experience would've been more memorable for us if we took the Disney Resort Line to Disneyland.

Next time. I'll see you again, Mickey and Minnie. :)


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