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Checkin' In!

>> Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I just realized that I didn't blog for the whole of July. I've been too busy with school that I haven't found the time to set aside at least an hour of my time to blog. Blogging has been reduced to microblogging, as I spent a few minutes to share my thoughts in 140 characters. If I was lazy to even think, I would just reblog someone else's quote or photo on Tumblr just to say that I feel the same thing.

So here I am back again, with so much to tell you.

I still have to finish my 100 Wishes List.
I still have to tell you about my trip over the weekend.
I will tell you about the developments to my thesis (I still haven't finished my summer practicum -- which has turned to the rainy practicum).
I still have to tell you my feelings when Roger Federer won his 17th Grand Slam.
I still have to tell you about the rains that poured over Manila.

For now, I'm just dropping by to say hello. I'll be checking in with a doodle from my notebook -- a checklist for my Hong Kong trip. I have tons of photos to share with you, which means I will be posting! Yay!

This is the longest post that I can manage today, because I have to write five one-paragraph stories for my worksheets at work. Five paragraphs may seem short, but thinking about topics and thinking about how to write it takes minutes or even hours.

I'll see you again, Blogspot. I will make time for you over the weekend and write a lengthy post, narrating my experience with the friends in a country where Mickey Mouse speaks Cantonese.


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