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Are you the Mockingjay?

>> Sunday, August 12, 2012

Have you had that feeling where you just finished reading a book and you're so emotionally invested in it that you don't know what to do afterwards?

That's what Roni felt after reading the Hunger Games trilogy. "I don't know what to do with my life... aside from vlogging about it that is."


She made a vlog answering twelve questions about the trilogy. She also included the questions on her blog and I decided to have a go at it too.

My video's kinda -- no, really dark, because I did this late in the afternoon yesterday.

Twelve Questions on the Hunger Games from yumi pitargue on Vimeo.

I want to see your answers too! If you have the time, vlog and blab about the books, just like how I did it. If not, you may also share your answers by leaving a comment. You can also check out Roni's video here.

Am looking forward to see how the second movie will turn out.


1. What is your favorite book from the trilogy?
2. How long would you last in the Hunger Games?v 3. What's the strangest thing you thought would happen in the books but didn't?
4. How were you introduced to the Hunger Games?
5. Favorite moment that happens in the trilogy?
6. Who is your favorite character?
7. What district would you live in?
8. What was the most emotional moment in the books?
9. What item from home would you take in the arena as a token?
10. What was the most evil plan someone made in the books?
11. What are you looking forward to most in the film?
12. Who is your favorite villain in the trilogy?


Roni 11:49 AM  

OMG! I also thought Katniss and Gale would end up together. I'm actually glad they didn't. I love Peeta. Haha.

It's really amazing how we all made predictions thinking that we kinda knew what would happen, but the author would have something completely different in mind.

I love this so much! We should make a commitment to vlog more :)

yumi 2:32 PM  

Ehhh. Team Gale parin forever. hahaha My heart went out to Peeta though when he was brainwashed by the Capitol.

Yes, anything can happen. The fic writers can have a field day with writing all the possibilities that could happen.

I'm all for your HP tag! Gotta get ready for that. haha

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