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100 Wishes (part 2)

>> Saturday, June 02, 2012

I already had the list typed down, but because of school work and actual work, I wasn't able to find the time to do the doodles. But now... I have! Squeeee!

(Click on the photo for a bigger view)

[Numbers 1-20]

21. To get into the book selling business with the blockmates. It's a collective dream and we're determined to make it happen sometime in the future.
22. To be a published writer.
23. To have a writing mentor.
24. To write something worthy of a Palanca award.
25. To be a musical arranger for a song/album.
26. To be part of the production team of a big musical (Stage manager puhleeze)
27. That I could learn a Filipino language. Bisaya would be cool, so I can move to Davao and learn how to eat durian.
28. To get an MFA in creative writing. Or any kind of education to improve my pathetic writing skills.
29. To have the time to write the play I've been wanting to write.
30. To watch Broadway or West End musicals. Note: musicalSSSS (Yes, I'm a loser and I haven't been to London or New York)

31. To experience zero gravity in space
32. To be a Disney Imagineer. I know you have to be some sort of engineer for that, but probably they'll take someone creative. heh.
33. To work for Disney as a scriptwriter!
34. To learn how to weave.
35. To go back to Taiji training. I don't think Lao Shi is coming back any time soon. :(
36. To learn how to wear heels. Wearing one-inch heels is already deadly for me. Wedges, pumps, stilettos -- name any shoe with any form of heel, and I'll trip over my own two feet. So to get my wish and be comfortable in wearing heels would really mean everything to me. haha
37. To learn how to teach. I like talking to kids. But when a teaching job is handed to me, I get all stressed. It's worse than having stage fright (which I also have).
38. To walk from Taft avenue to North Avenue, basically the whole stretch of EDSA. Let's see how far it'll take me before I give up.
39. To dance in the rain again.
40. To ride first-class in a plane. Or better yet, ride a private plane.

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