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How Yumi Lost Her Appendix

>> Monday, May 14, 2012

It's been a month since I've last blogged. A lot of things has happened over the past month and boy, these weren't just small events in my life.

After celebrating my third week of my summer practicum, I experienced really bad pains in my stomach, particularly inches below the navel area. It was really shiznit painful, to the point that I was writhing and crying in pain. I was rushed to the nearest hospital to get immediate help and some initial diagnosis of what was wrong with me.

I went through a series of tests. We first suspected that it was another case of a bladder infection (I had it last February and I learned that I should stop being the master of holding my pee in). But my urinalysis came out clear which ruled out the urinary tract infection. It wasn't dengue because my platelet count was high. X-ray showed that my lungs were clear. The blood test showed that there was clearly an infection, but WHERE THE HALE IN MY BODEH WAS THE INFECTION?

I lined up for an ultrasound. The ladies were looking at me funny because they were all preggy while I was clutching my obviously-not-preggy tummy. Fuzz off, I'm in labor pain here. There was a suspected hemorrhagic cyst but the OB-GYNE said that she couldn't say it was deadly because feeling feverish wasn't a symptom of the cyst.

So after two days of confusing diagnosis from doctors, we went to another set of doctors for a second opinion. This time, from a bigger and better hospital.

A new set of doctors meant new series of tests -- blood tests, trans-rectal ultrasound (oh god) and doctor appointments.

Finally, some answers. The hemorrhagic something was normal because I was in the ovulation stage. After having my --TMI ALERT -- period (now everyone knows when I got my period. Clue: Avengers), there would be one egg floating around. And since there isn't any preggy moment for me (not anytime soon, please) the egg would burst. And since that bursting was a bit sensitive, I felt pain. So there's nothing alarming about it.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Apparently I was experiencing two kinds of pain. So off to the surgeon I went and the doctor suspected that I was having acute appendicitis. So he scheduled me for an operation.

I went back home to pack my things and returned to the hospital the day after. I was expecting to be admitted first and have a room secured. However, breaking neewwwssss! As soon as I was wheeled in the emergency room (I felt silly being wheeled when I could completely walk from the admitting office to the ER), the doctors told me to change into the operating clothes because I was scheduled for operation on that minute.


I didn't have time to process things. The next thing I knew, I was inside the holy-woohoo-cold operating room and the anesthesiologist had me in a fetal position and was lulling me to sleep.

I woke up in the recovery room. My legs felt fat and I couldn't move them. The surgeon did their job of removing my appendix (apparently it was already ruptured and he saved it just in time from spreading poisonous liquid). It was my turn to wiggle my feet.

It finally took me around 3 hours to get some feeling in my toes and I was wheeled out of the recovery room.

The next part was dealing with the pain of the surgery. Every now and then, the nurse from the pain management department was in my room, injecting pain killers in my IV. It helped me sleep for at least a few hours or so. I probably was high from the drugs in my system. WOOOOOO YEAAHHH DUUUDDEE.

But I was determined to get up and get out of the hospital, because it was depressing to be there. One, there's no internet. LOL MY PRIORITIES. My phone bill shot up because I had nothing to do so I was always online on my phone. Two, I did have a window to the outside world but the view was pathetic. I could see the facade of the other building. So much for a lovely view. Three, I hate being confined to one small space -- aka my bed. Four, the liquid diet was not a laughing matter. The doctors advised to have me on liquid diet until I passed gas. I had oatmeal for breakfast (adding sugar didn't fool me. It really tasted bad.) and lugaw (watered down rice) for lunch.

When I finally passed gas, it was a celebration. It meant that I would get meal upgrades. HOLY-FARTING-HALLELUJAH!

And to my lovely surprise, after two nights and a day, the surgeon visited me, took out the drain attached to my tummy and gave me a discharge slip. I AM FINALLY GOING HOOOMMMEEE! I could finally strip off the smelly hospital clothes (because I hadn't taken a bath since I arrived Tuesday) and snuggle with my Yumi-smelling pillows and blanket.

To all who sent their well wishes via Twitter and text messages, you are all in my heart and mind. To my relatives and my teacher who visited me in the hospital, thank you for all the help. You made the boring stay in the hospital a bit interesting. Sorry to Tita Mimi, Jonah, Tita Jojo and Tito Gil for ignoring you on the first night because I was still groggy from the anesthesia. I'll make it up to you when I see you again.

Right now, I'm in the comforts of my home. I'm still nursing serious headaches. It's the effect of the anesthesia in my system. I need to drink more meds and lots of water to flush out the remaining anesthesia in my system. Jonah (ze cousin who is also a doctor) said that it may last a week. oh noes. But I'm trying to work when the painkillers take effect and I could sit up from the bed. I'm also experiencing some sharp pains from the stitches.

As for my summer class, I had to cancel class. I'm getting an incomplete grade. It's fine with me because there's nothing I could do about it. I'm just glad that the people in the reading department are coming up with a plan that would allow me to complete the remaining teaching sessions this June. We'll see how that meeting will go. Thank you to T. Portia and T. Hazel for understanding. And to the Dean, thank you for the concern.

Thanks heaps to my parents for being there for me.

Oh Lord, you are definitely the best. Thank you for guiding Tito Arthur's (the surgeon) hand while taking out my appendix. Thank you for containing the pus. Thank you for getting me out of the hospital just after a few days. Oh, and thank you for making me fart. Best moment right tharrrr.

It's time to maximize the lasting effect of the painkillers. I'm done with my first deadline for work. What's next? Quick, let's play!


Roni 11:17 PM  

Whoa! It has already ruptured?? Thank God you had a good doctor, Yumi. That's some scary shit! I don't know why they missed that and let you go, what, two days of misdiagnosis! When a patient comes to the ER with shooting pain anywhere in their tummy, and you even felt feverish (!!! obvious sign of appendicitis!), they have to FIRST rule out appendicitis! That's just basic protocol! Ugh! But anyway, glad that's all over and that you're okay, and ALIVE. Phew! Love ya, Yumi! Take care!

yumi 8:28 AM  

That's what I get for going to a small hospital. nyohoho. But yeah, thank God and the doctor was able to remove it right away. And thankfully we knew a surgeon who really knew what he was doing.

Thanks yaaa Roni! Love ya too!

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