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The kiddie Moleskine invasion

>> Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Five kids took over my Moleskine last Friday. We piloted the World of Words: Galileo Book Club last Thursday and Friday, and we invited kids to help us test the program.

Kids are fun to talk to. They're honest and they would tell you stories about EVERYTHING they could think of. It was a nice break from the monotonous work routine. Their laughs are so genuine that I didn't wanted them to stop.

They were given name tags so that the teachers could identify them during the sessions. They had the liberty to design their own name tags -- which was also a way to keep them busy while waiting. However, at the end of the session, the kids found a place to dispose of their sticky name tags: me. It was Julia's idea to give me her name tag, and I stuck it on my shirt just for the heck of it. Soon enough, the kids crowded over me and they were sticking their name tags on every surface they could find on my clothes. They sure had fun making me into a corkboard.

I didn't want to throw away their precious name tags, so I transferred them in my Moleskine.

On the second day of demo teaching, I struck a deal with them. They could stick their name tags again on me if they drew on my Moleskine.

(R) The 8 kids from the first day of the pilot run. (L) Second day name tags
Katie: My friends call me Katie Perry. *cute pout*
Russco: Is this a Math notebook? Why do you have a Math notebook? (referring to my Moleskine)

(R) Katie's flowers. Katie's writing activities were the most colorful among her classmates. (L) Russco loved the lines on my notebook. He had the neatest work. And he wants to be an architect like his dad.

(R) Aaliyah's favorite colors are purple and pink. (L) CJ is obsessed with Angry Birds. He brought his Angry Birds stuffed toys with him.

Julia didn't want to draw. So she just "fancified" her nametag.

I wasn't able to ask Lance to draw on my notebook, because he came in late. Louella left for Japan on the second day so no drawing for her too.

I only have a few pages left on my Moleskine, and I'm glad I had them filled by those kids. I'm done observing all the teachers and the pilot run is over. I'm going to miss those kids and their stories. I'll see them soon whenever I have the time to do fieldwork again.

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P.S. If you're looking for a summer activity for your kid, Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is inviting you to World of Words: Galileo Book Club. It is open to students from grades 1 to 6. It's a reading, speech and writing workshop for kids. Each child enrolled in the program will receive a kit with books, art materials and writing activity sheets.

For more details, call the Galileo Head Office at 845-1234 to know the participating centers.


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