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Doodling Trees

>> Monday, April 09, 2012

When I asked friends to describe me years back, I remember Geopet saying that I'm someone who wouldn't live without trees around. I could say that's true. I wake up to the sight of trees greeting me from the bedroom window. My favorite place in the world is in the shade, underneath a huge tree (minus of course the creepy crawlers, there was one time when a hairy caterpillar went bungee jumping on me and gave me the itch for days).

There's something about trees that soothes me. Maybe that's why I've been doodling a lot of trees lately on all my notebooks. This year has been so stressful for me, with all the work and school stuff piling on my tired brain. I just submitted my final paper yesterday and in a few days, I'll be starting my summer practicum at the university.

If I can't keep trees with me all the time, I guess I'll just have to doodle them on four different notebooks.

"Plant a tree, plant a hope."

If Dr. Seuss can fancy-fy a tree, I can do zat too!

"Pain is the beginning of wisdom." True, innit?
Drawn on my Sunday notebook. I take notes during Sunday services. :)

"Read and let your mind grow."
Doodled this while I was writing my notes for the pre-thesis class. That's supposed to be a person reading under the tree. :P

I am longing for that lovely moment when I can just drop everything, think of nothing but the book in my hands, while the tree gives me a comfortable seat. Soon, soon. If a tree needs time and a lot of work to be so big and majestic, then I am willing to work hard too and let myself grow as a person. (Naks, deep. haha)


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