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Vavavoom with VTech

>> Saturday, March 17, 2012

Boy, I felt awesome in the 90s because of THE Power Pad. A dot-matrix screen with only four lines of typing space was enough to make me feel like I was the coolest kid on earth.

My mom found my first "laptop" in the closet, after probably more than decade of sitting inside the closet. With a couple of double-A batteries, I pressed the "on" button and wah-lah! The familiar 5-note welcome tune brought back childhood memories.

It was a gift from ze uncle during the Duty Free days in the 90s. My cousin and I received a unit each and we would battle it out with our supposedly mad English and Math skills. There was also another function that helped me practice with my programming skills for computer class. I got high marks on that, mind you.

This is the precomputer of all computers. I wonder if my cousin's Vtech is still alive.

VTech and the Vaio. The old and the current.

Lol, EBay is selling a unit for $15. 15 Dollars! That's PhP 675. With five Starbucks Frappe Drinks, I can buy a cool gadget that quizzes you on Math and English. Who needs tutors if you have this cool thaaang?


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