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February doodle challenge

>> Thursday, March 01, 2012

Every Sunday, Ian, Trish and I are into this weekly reading habit. We would either agree on a book to read for a month, or have a weekly short story read. Last year, we started during Halloween with "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury. Afterwards we joined the creeps with "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children" by Ransom Riggs. What were the other books we read? LOL, I forget.

For our weekly read, we have the Sherlock Sunday. We'd pick a Sherlock story, then finish it on the day. If it was a bit long, we had a week to finish it. It was a perfect companion for the Sherlock Holmes movie and the BBC Sherlock.

This year, Ian added another to the regular challenges that we have: a sketching/doodling challenge. Sketching for her because she's a better illustrator than I am. I'm sticking with the term doodle challenge because I'm not worthyyyyyy.

WEEK 1: Wish list. Y'all are familiar with this already, having posted this a few weeks back before we started the whole doodle challenge. I had that first week in the bag already so I considered it a free week. haha


Ian's wish: it's coming true!


WEEK 2: Something that makes me happy. I really like looking at the sky. The changing colors in the sky amazes me. It's like going to a painting exhibit every time I direct my attention to the skies above. The sky also reminds me how great my God is, that he is able to paint a different picture for every passing minute. They're as unique as fingermarks and snowflakes!

Drawn on my other notebook. (Tumblr)

Ian's happiness comes from cheesy lyrics. haha

"Done on a notepad. U.U just now. Sneakily. I'm berryberrysneaky." (Source)

WEEK 3: Something on the desk. I copied Ian's sketch and I also drew a bunch of pencils in a pencil holder. Hah. I use mugs and old bottles as my pencil holders. This mug was given to me by Ailen as a Christmas gift. :)


Ian's pens:


And another thing from her desk. Ahehehe kayooot!

"Have a little fun with your magnetic whiteboard today." (Source)

March will bring more doodles. Let's go!


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