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stop! move! STOP!

>> Monday, February 06, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Yumi who bragged that she could make a 4-minute stop motion video. She had so many ideas in mind and she wanted to try all and show the world that Hey, stop motion films are cool and I can make one too.

So when one opportunity came in the form of a birthday project for supermegafoxyawesomehot Darren Criss, she decided to do her greeting in a one-minute stop motion video.

One minute? She laughed at the world. Easy peasy.

So she took out her trusty camera, her ever reliable Playmobil toys and started clicking away.

Move one, click.
Move a little, click.
Slight turn, click. Repeat until toy has completely done a 360 turn.
Click, click, click.

By the 50th shot, she was getting tired. Her toys weren't cooperating because the girl toy kept falling off her chair. Geez, she thought, where's your balance?

One hour had passed until she finally finished the whole sequence. She took out her laptop to transfer the photos. Her eyes popped out of her eye sockets when she saw the number of shots taken: 153. Hah! She smirked. That'll take more than a minute.

She loaded all photos into the video editing program and set the time to 0.25 seconds per frame. Ctrl+A, set time, hit enter.

The video only reached 43 seconds. Forty-three seconds. 153 shots for a 43-second birthday greeting. So who has the last laugh now?

Music used: New Morning by Darren Criss and Chuck Criss (the awesome Crissbros)

Deux ex machina. Yumi groaned, laughed and tweeted her stop motion ordeal. And the world lived happily ever after. (which also means, "She was still part of the birthday video project for Darren Criss and she hopes -- with the rest of the fans -- that he'll see it)

P.S. Yumi still vows to make that 4-minute video. One day, she said, shaking her fist at the world. One day.

(Also seen on Tumblr.)


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