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The Expensive Wish List

>> Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Note: Unless you're crazy or insanely crazy, you are not allowed to buy these stuff for me. Consider this as my own to-buy list.

Note: May 26, 2014. Let's see what updates I have on this list.

1. Camera bag. I still have the Crumpler 5 Million-dollar Home at the top of my list, but I'm willing to go for cheaper bags, as long as they serve the same purpose. I already found a red camera bag at Fuji Film, which is 4 thousand pesos cheaper than the Crumpler. I'd love to have a Crumpler though. Maybe not today. UPDATE: Check! I got a second hand Crumpler from my friend, Ian. I adopted her old Crumpler and now I am very satisfied with my purchase.

2. Tickets to concerts and theater plays. Thankfully Josh Groban or any of the American Idol contestants are not planning to come here for a 2012 concert. I don't want to miss out on it and I don't have the money to spend for good seats. So this year, I'll worry about tickets to theater plays. I'm watching one with the cousins in February. I have three more lined up for the year.

3. Fish-eye Lomo camera. Once you have a Lomo, you'd want to collect all. I also like the La Sardina because of the cute designs and the flash.

4. Color swatches. Swatches to add to the photography fun. This is kinda affordable. I found a set in Fully Booked for only PhP 500. I'll prolly buy it next month.

5. A new DSLR. I want the DSLR that can take videos. I'm inspired to make mini videos for random events in my life. I enjoyed making a video for my Singapore trip, and it would be even more awesome if I could change focus with a DSLR. New DSLR should include swanky lens too.

6. Northface Jacket. Or a Columbia jacket. I want the jacket that is lightweight and can be used during rainy seasons.

7. University Hoodie. I do love my Ateneo jacket, which I use when it rains. But I want a snuggly hoodie to use when indoors. Of course, I want it to be a university hoodie. UP's fine, but I prefer an Ateneo one. I'll be proud to be a UP student when I've graduated from my MA degree. haha

8. Tripod. I need a new one after my old one (and it's antique! :( ) was stolen two years ago when robbers broke into our house.

9. Plueys. I want to jump in puddles during the rainy season without worrying about damp and smelly socks. UPDATE: Check! I can't remember when I bought my Plueys but I am so happy I bought a pair of rain boots. No more soggy socks during the rainy days!

10. Doc Martens. A new pair is optional, but I do want another one. A black floral pair of DMs.

11. Kindle Touch. CHECK!

12. Speedo Swimsuit. This isn't urgent. I just want to replace my red swimsuit even if it's still in perfect condition. UPDATE: Check! I bought a two-piece, the kind that beach volleyball athletes would wear. I need something that doesn't have a high cut leg hole that shows my arse when I go to the beach. Gotta cover up the goods.

A girl's gotta dream, right?

P.S. Mea said that I should've wished for a rich boyfriend too. hahaha


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