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This is not the droid that you are looking for

>> Saturday, January 14, 2012

Says Obi Wan Kenobi.

Oh but Master Jedi, it is the droid that I'm looking for.

I have joined the world of the droids as I switched cellphones last Monday. My old (but fairly new -- a year and a half old phone) has gone wonky. Whenever someone calls me (or when I make a call), I couldn't hear the person at the other end of the line. Then the phone dies when I slide the screen up to reveal the keypad. I don't want to text on the screen because texting on a touch screen is my enemy. My fingers land on the wrong spot, ending up with misspelled words. It might cost me more if I send the phone for repair -- besides I won't have a replacement phone while it's being fixed -- so I decided to buy a new one.

Was talking to my cousin Toff over on Twitter as I was thinking of a name for it. He suggested something from Doctor Who, but I told him that I already have that covered with ze Kindle. Since it's an android and the droid is there, it had to be something Star Wars related. R2D2 is cute, but my phone isn't white nor does it make beeping sounds (it's always on silent. haha) C3PO is too talkative. Yoda is too smart. We agreed on naming it Luke.

"Luke I am your owneerrrrr."

I haven't maximized its use yet. I've only used five features so far: the Retro Camera, Tweetdeck for Android, messaging, Tumblr, and Google Talk for Android. And with a 2GB external memory, I haven't even placed music in it. hahaha

But of course, I already personalized the screensaver and the wallpaper. It's a must for me.

I love the new phone because it's similar to the Corby Pro (the old phone). It has a qwerty function as well as a touch screen. Because it's an android phone, it's easier and more fun to browse websites, scroll through Tumblr and Tweet like crazy. Uh-oh, I must refrain myself from going online when there's no Wifi around. I don't want my phone bill to skyrocket again like what happened when I first got my Corby Pro. :P

That's enough spending for the first quarter. The month isn't even halfway through and I already have spent a lot on gadgets.

Oh shoot. I still need to buy a new camera bag. I need to rob a bank.

*waves hand to your face* You will hand me a million pesos.


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