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>> Saturday, January 28, 2012

A TARDIS for the TARDIS. Is it even possible?

When you're a person like me who uses a bag as a shield during commuting days, a soft protective cover for the Kindle is not enough. I initially covered Idris with a cloth and placed it in a pouch I got from Starbucks. I got all paranoid that the screen might be damaged with all the physical activity that happens in the MRT (if you're a Filipino and ride the MRT during rush hours, then you'll know what I mean), so I had to find a case that is sturdier and can withstand ~stress.

Buying a case from Amazon was never an option because it is expensive. It costs more than half of the Kindle and I'm not going to spend thousands over a case. So it was off to the internet to look for an alternative.

Adi suggested that I make a case. Tatadah! To make up for skipping the DIY planner for 2012, I decided that I make my own Kindle case. I looked online for a book case tutorial.

I couldn't find a spare book at home that fit the dimensions of the Kindle. It was either too short in width or in height. So I went to a book sale and bought a hardbound book for PhP 70. It was a marketing book and I was willing to murder it. nyahaha.

How I made the case:

1. Brush the edges of the book with a glue solution. Keep the first five pages loose. Separate the loose pages from the rest with plastic wrap. I just used an ordinary plastic lying around the house.

2. Let it dry. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

3. Once the glue has dried, mark the size of the Kindle as a guide to where you're going to cut out the pages. Oh when you're going to buy a book, make sure that there is an allowance of half an inch. Using a cutter, cut out the pages. This is the most tedious part because you have to keep on slicing the book a few pages at a time.

Going deeper! (You can go higher! You can go deeper! There are boundaries, above and beneath yooou!)

Checking if the Kindle fits. Check!

*I inserted garter at the bottom of the sliced pages. However, when I placed the Kindle, it was too tight. hahaha Couldn't remove it anymore because it was glued to the book. lol, fail. Left it there.

4. Brush the insides of the book with glue solution again. Let it dry.

5. Attach scrap cloth to the book to create straps.

The bottom scrap had velcro so that I could still detach the Kindle from the book.

6. Glue the remaining five pages. Then slice the middle part away.

7. Glue garter to the back so that the cover will be secure. This part is optional.

8. D-O-N-E!

With the Kindle.

It's a TARIS for the TARDIS gadget!

I just feel weird when I'm reading in the MRT. People are looking at me funny because they notice that I never turn the pages. It seems that I'm stuck at the first page. el-oh-el.

I still have to find the time to buy blue cloth for the cover to complete the TARDIS look. For now, the book will do.


Urban Wrist 9:05 AM  

thanks for sharing, although I would consider making one myself, I simply do not have the time nor the patience to do it, I did however find a Tardis Leather Cover for my Kindle which was made by Joe V. Leather, check it out.

yumi 3:05 PM  

Urban Wrist,

Oh lookie! It's River Song's diary! It looks absolutely lovely.

I really need to buy that blue cloth so I could really make it look like the TARDIS. :P

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