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>> Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"You see these hands, they're a million strong"

I've always loved that line from Josh Groban's song, "War at Home." Hands do magic and can do anything. Work becomes even more productive when it shared with other people. The output from a collaborative work has a bigger story to tell and share.

I allow other people to doodle on my Moleskine. For the past weeks, my goddaughter Cielo has been contributing to the pages with her art.

This is Cielo. I doodled her one Sunday while we were at church. She did the coloring and added the borders.

She doodled on my notebook too. Ignore the Nerds, I doodled that a long time ago. I'm amused with the random words she wrote. Trash can??

She contributed to the sea of words. That's my brain when I'm trying to write something for school or for work. The words are out there, but not on the word document. Sucks balls.

Look at how small Cielo's hand is! :)

This isn't collaborative anymore. I did this yesterday while I was working at home. Strudling again. Hands put color to a dull world.

Anyone is welcome to doodle on my Moleskine. I'm waiting to have that coffee time with Ian because she promised to draw on my notebook.

Ian: Sana we can sketchcrawl or something
me: why not!
we'll have another coffee time!
because idris still has to meet rashid (We were talking about our Kindles. haha)
Ian: Rashid will feel old haha!!
me: naaah. rashid is just a big brother to idris. :))
oh you still have to draw on me notebookSSS.
Ian: oo nga! when we have our Idris-Rashid Moot
me: and we have to have more time :)))
Ian: yes!
perhaps a saturday in the qc area :)
me: yes that would be lovely. :D


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