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>> Thursday, January 05, 2012

I formally introduce you to the newest addiction to my bookworm life: Ze Kindle (yes, faking a German accent for the 'the' is necessary.)

I have joined the digital world and purchased a Kindle Touch because lugging thick books every day is such a hassle and I sometimes -- well, most of the time -- hesitate in buying books. Mom's complaining that I'm an impulsive book buyer and we have no more space at home to shelf my books. Haha I guess the ze Kindle is the solution.

Adi helped me buy my Kindle without the other added costs like shipping or reselling fees. She has a cousin who lives in the States and recently came home to the Philippines for a vacation. It was the perfect timing. She asked her cousin to buy a Kindle straight from Amazon then I would just pay the cousin when she arrives.

So for only $99 -- that's roughly around PhP 4455 -- I now have over 3000 reasons to read whatever, whenever, wherever.

Say hello to ze Kindle (with a special appearance from my ballpen, my Moleskine and my pink booklight.)

And in a perfectly normal life where I name all my gadgets, Ze Kindle got a female name. Idris. I am hoping the Doctor Who fans would recognize the name. If it doesn't ring a bell, then Eleven will waggle a finger at you and say, "Shame on you. You don't know Sexy?" Yup, I think that should do it.

Ok, ok. Idris = human version of the TARDIS. TARDIS = Time And Relative Dimension In Space, the blue box that time travels, a blue police box that is bigger in the inside.

Ze Kindle is small but is bigger in the inside because it can hold over 3000 books. It's sexy because it's small and slim. I decided that it will be a girl, even if the female voice for the text-to-speech function is freakin' hi-lar-rious.

Don't get me wrong, I still love to have physical copies of the books. There are aspects of reading that the Kindle takes away, like skimming through pages, the smell of books (a huge requirement for me), knowing how far are you to the end just by estimating the thickness of the book, the feel of the pages, basically the physical relationship with a book. I bought a Kindle for the practicality of reading. I don't have to strain my wrist in holding up a heavy book because ze Kindle is very light. I don't need to carry two to three books when I take long car trips to the province because ze Kindle can hold thousands of books. I can read books before purchasing a physical copy, which cuts down the spending cost. I do not have to fuss over the glare because of the Kindle's lovely e-Ink technology, where the screen looks and feels like an actual book page. And have I mentioned, the battery can last a month? SOOOOLD.

I have only 11 books so far. I don't want to put too many because I might go crazy with the books and never finish them. But I welcome recommendations and download links. Books are books and I will try to read them all, even if it will take me forever (I'm staring at you, A Song of Fire and Ice.)


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