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>> Saturday, January 28, 2012

A TARDIS for the TARDIS. Is it even possible?

When you're a person like me who uses a bag as a shield during commuting days, a soft protective cover for the Kindle is not enough. I initially covered Idris with a cloth and placed it in a pouch I got from Starbucks. I got all paranoid that the screen might be damaged with all the physical activity that happens in the MRT (if you're a Filipino and ride the MRT during rush hours, then you'll know what I mean), so I had to find a case that is sturdier and can withstand ~stress.

Buying a case from Amazon was never an option because it is expensive. It costs more than half of the Kindle and I'm not going to spend thousands over a case. So it was off to the internet to look for an alternative.

Adi suggested that I make a case. Tatadah! To make up for skipping the DIY planner for 2012, I decided that I make my own Kindle case. I looked online for a book case tutorial.

I couldn't find a spare book at home that fit the dimensions of the Kindle. It was either too short in width or in height. So I went to a book sale and bought a hardbound book for PhP 70. It was a marketing book and I was willing to murder it. nyahaha.

How I made the case:

1. Brush the edges of the book with a glue solution. Keep the first five pages loose. Separate the loose pages from the rest with plastic wrap. I just used an ordinary plastic lying around the house.

2. Let it dry. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

3. Once the glue has dried, mark the size of the Kindle as a guide to where you're going to cut out the pages. Oh when you're going to buy a book, make sure that there is an allowance of half an inch. Using a cutter, cut out the pages. This is the most tedious part because you have to keep on slicing the book a few pages at a time.

Going deeper! (You can go higher! You can go deeper! There are boundaries, above and beneath yooou!)

Checking if the Kindle fits. Check!

*I inserted garter at the bottom of the sliced pages. However, when I placed the Kindle, it was too tight. hahaha Couldn't remove it anymore because it was glued to the book. lol, fail. Left it there.

4. Brush the insides of the book with glue solution again. Let it dry.

5. Attach scrap cloth to the book to create straps.

The bottom scrap had velcro so that I could still detach the Kindle from the book.

6. Glue the remaining five pages. Then slice the middle part away.

7. Glue garter to the back so that the cover will be secure. This part is optional.

8. D-O-N-E!

With the Kindle.

It's a TARIS for the TARDIS gadget!

I just feel weird when I'm reading in the MRT. People are looking at me funny because they notice that I never turn the pages. It seems that I'm stuck at the first page. el-oh-el.

I still have to find the time to buy blue cloth for the cover to complete the TARDIS look. For now, the book will do.


shared work

>> Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"You see these hands, they're a million strong"

I've always loved that line from Josh Groban's song, "War at Home." Hands do magic and can do anything. Work becomes even more productive when it shared with other people. The output from a collaborative work has a bigger story to tell and share.

I allow other people to doodle on my Moleskine. For the past weeks, my goddaughter Cielo has been contributing to the pages with her art.

This is Cielo. I doodled her one Sunday while we were at church. She did the coloring and added the borders.

She doodled on my notebook too. Ignore the Nerds, I doodled that a long time ago. I'm amused with the random words she wrote. Trash can??

She contributed to the sea of words. That's my brain when I'm trying to write something for school or for work. The words are out there, but not on the word document. Sucks balls.

Look at how small Cielo's hand is! :)

This isn't collaborative anymore. I did this yesterday while I was working at home. Strudling again. Hands put color to a dull world.

Anyone is welcome to doodle on my Moleskine. I'm waiting to have that coffee time with Ian because she promised to draw on my notebook.

Ian: Sana we can sketchcrawl or something
me: why not!
we'll have another coffee time!
because idris still has to meet rashid (We were talking about our Kindles. haha)
Ian: Rashid will feel old haha!!
me: naaah. rashid is just a big brother to idris. :))
oh you still have to draw on me notebookSSS.
Ian: oo nga! when we have our Idris-Rashid Moot
me: and we have to have more time :)))
Ian: yes!
perhaps a saturday in the qc area :)
me: yes that would be lovely. :D


Square Shots

>> Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh hey Retro Camera, you are now my new best friend to quickie shutterbuggerness.

The obligatory shoe shot

That one night when I stress doodled. Chino called it "strudling"

We had a family dinner over the weekend to celebrate the grandparents' birthdays. They were serenaded by a group.

This is a rare scene.

My parents. :)

My tita's cat, Mingming. If I have a ragdoll cat (which will never happen), I'll name it Aslan.


This is not the droid that you are looking for

>> Saturday, January 14, 2012

Says Obi Wan Kenobi.

Oh but Master Jedi, it is the droid that I'm looking for.

I have joined the world of the droids as I switched cellphones last Monday. My old (but fairly new -- a year and a half old phone) has gone wonky. Whenever someone calls me (or when I make a call), I couldn't hear the person at the other end of the line. Then the phone dies when I slide the screen up to reveal the keypad. I don't want to text on the screen because texting on a touch screen is my enemy. My fingers land on the wrong spot, ending up with misspelled words. It might cost me more if I send the phone for repair -- besides I won't have a replacement phone while it's being fixed -- so I decided to buy a new one.

Was talking to my cousin Toff over on Twitter as I was thinking of a name for it. He suggested something from Doctor Who, but I told him that I already have that covered with ze Kindle. Since it's an android and the droid is there, it had to be something Star Wars related. R2D2 is cute, but my phone isn't white nor does it make beeping sounds (it's always on silent. haha) C3PO is too talkative. Yoda is too smart. We agreed on naming it Luke.

"Luke I am your owneerrrrr."

I haven't maximized its use yet. I've only used five features so far: the Retro Camera, Tweetdeck for Android, messaging, Tumblr, and Google Talk for Android. And with a 2GB external memory, I haven't even placed music in it. hahaha

But of course, I already personalized the screensaver and the wallpaper. It's a must for me.

I love the new phone because it's similar to the Corby Pro (the old phone). It has a qwerty function as well as a touch screen. Because it's an android phone, it's easier and more fun to browse websites, scroll through Tumblr and Tweet like crazy. Uh-oh, I must refrain myself from going online when there's no Wifi around. I don't want my phone bill to skyrocket again like what happened when I first got my Corby Pro. :P

That's enough spending for the first quarter. The month isn't even halfway through and I already have spent a lot on gadgets.

Oh shoot. I still need to buy a new camera bag. I need to rob a bank.

*waves hand to your face* You will hand me a million pesos.



>> Thursday, January 05, 2012

I formally introduce you to the newest addiction to my bookworm life: Ze Kindle (yes, faking a German accent for the 'the' is necessary.)

I have joined the digital world and purchased a Kindle Touch because lugging thick books every day is such a hassle and I sometimes -- well, most of the time -- hesitate in buying books. Mom's complaining that I'm an impulsive book buyer and we have no more space at home to shelf my books. Haha I guess the ze Kindle is the solution.

Adi helped me buy my Kindle without the other added costs like shipping or reselling fees. She has a cousin who lives in the States and recently came home to the Philippines for a vacation. It was the perfect timing. She asked her cousin to buy a Kindle straight from Amazon then I would just pay the cousin when she arrives.

So for only $99 -- that's roughly around PhP 4455 -- I now have over 3000 reasons to read whatever, whenever, wherever.

Say hello to ze Kindle (with a special appearance from my ballpen, my Moleskine and my pink booklight.)

And in a perfectly normal life where I name all my gadgets, Ze Kindle got a female name. Idris. I am hoping the Doctor Who fans would recognize the name. If it doesn't ring a bell, then Eleven will waggle a finger at you and say, "Shame on you. You don't know Sexy?" Yup, I think that should do it.

Ok, ok. Idris = human version of the TARDIS. TARDIS = Time And Relative Dimension In Space, the blue box that time travels, a blue police box that is bigger in the inside.

Ze Kindle is small but is bigger in the inside because it can hold over 3000 books. It's sexy because it's small and slim. I decided that it will be a girl, even if the female voice for the text-to-speech function is freakin' hi-lar-rious.

Don't get me wrong, I still love to have physical copies of the books. There are aspects of reading that the Kindle takes away, like skimming through pages, the smell of books (a huge requirement for me), knowing how far are you to the end just by estimating the thickness of the book, the feel of the pages, basically the physical relationship with a book. I bought a Kindle for the practicality of reading. I don't have to strain my wrist in holding up a heavy book because ze Kindle is very light. I don't need to carry two to three books when I take long car trips to the province because ze Kindle can hold thousands of books. I can read books before purchasing a physical copy, which cuts down the spending cost. I do not have to fuss over the glare because of the Kindle's lovely e-Ink technology, where the screen looks and feels like an actual book page. And have I mentioned, the battery can last a month? SOOOOLD.

I have only 11 books so far. I don't want to put too many because I might go crazy with the books and never finish them. But I welcome recommendations and download links. Books are books and I will try to read them all, even if it will take me forever (I'm staring at you, A Song of Fire and Ice.)


Pretty Things

>> Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Over the Christmas break, I only did three things: do my homework (wow, a good student. bahahahaha), post photos and doodle. I posted the photos, and I'm not going to post my homework -- unless you want to see what my thoughts are on scholars and researchers.

Drawing people is the most difficult to do. I'm never good at drawing proportionate body parts and the hands will forever look like clover leaves.

If I buy my own baby grand piano, I want to vandalize it and color it with splashes of red.

Based the right doodle from a pattern I found online.


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