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Planning a Planner Year 4

>> Saturday, December 08, 2012

It's back to the arts and crafts table for the 2013 planner.

I skipped the DIY planner last year just because I wanted the purse that came with the Starbucks planner. Then I realized how much I killed my wallet just to get one (well, Jace gave me my planner, while I gave mine to ariaxami) so I said I'll get back to making my own for 2013.

Then I noticed that whenever I decide to make my own planner, Starbucks releases a planner design that I really dig.

Gee, thanks life.

But I had my mind set on making my own planner already. So suck it, pride. I have a planner that I'll love, even if I'll be taking jealous glances at the 2013 Starbucks Planner. Bye white planner, you'll be forever missed.

Crack knuckles, wiggle fingers. Here's what went down during my idle Saturdays.

Initial materials
Ideas came and went as I did the planner. Plans changed so there were some of materials that wasn't in this photo. Read along, you'll see what I mean.

Main pages

I cut the paper into quarters using a cutter.

Carboard was used as guides to dividing the sheet of paper for the days.

I initially thought of drawing the dividers. So I experimented on different styles using different pens. I also tried different handwriting styles for the days.

But I changed my mind because I wasn't satisfied with it. I remembered that we had a typewriter. AHA! DING, DING, DING! I got out my dad's trusty typewriter and spent the day clacking away, painstakingly typing down each day of the week. There was no room for mistakes. Thank you to the trusty carbon paper, I could do multiple pages at once. Motor skills, you are still intact! Oh my loooord, memories of typing class way back in sophomore year in high school came rushing in.

I used my lomo prints as month dividers. I used a cutter to cut out the name of the months.

Used a puncher to punch holes (duh) and loop in circular metal rings (DUH) to bind the pages.

I took really, REALLLLY long in deciding on the cover design. I had so many ideas I didn't know how design it without looking tacky. I spent hours going through different designs on Pinterest and came up with nothing.

My ideas were:
- a postcard (I removed all the stamps from the letters I got from Kel and postcards from other people abroad)
- a drawing of a TARDIS
- lyrics from variou songs (though I've done this already before)

Then katching! The perfect idea came to me.

I painted the cover red (cue in TSwift's song, "Red" BUT LOVING HIM WAS RED, OH BURNING RED), drew different kinds of cameras on the top half of the board. I ripped a portion of a music sheet and postal marks from an envelope, then stuck a handmade bookmark with "year 2013" written on it.

The inside of the back cover could be used as a mini blackboard or a holder of post it notes. Anything goes, really.

Other Inserts
I found the last piece of garter in the sewing box. I used it to make a pen holder.

Ariaxami sent me journal printables early this year. I started writing on them for probably a few days, then stopped because it was just hidden somewhere in my study table. I unearthed it and decided to cut it and include it. Now I can write whatever whenever.

I made dividers and a TARDIS bookmark.

I have a little pouch where I could put in any loose sheets, tickets, notes, etc. I dipped the cardboard in overbrewed tea before cutting and assembling it into a pouch.

There are also extra sheets for contact numbers and other notes.

In a few weeks, I'll be saying goodbye to December and year 2012. I'm armed and ready for 2013.


Hello December

>> Saturday, December 01, 2012

Hello, Moon.

For the longest time, I have been using the wrong manual settings when photographing the moon.

Everyone on Twitter was raving about how pretty the moon was, how cheesy and yellow it looked like, blah, blah, blah. And I was getting jealous of all the moon photos that they were posting, so I decided to take out my camera and go for a stroll on our not-anymore tennis court to look for the moon.


I love walking around without my flip flops lately, especially when I'm just going to stay all day at home. Since we're all in footwear, our feet are getting the usual surfaces -- the smooth insides of a shoe, or the fluffy feeling of socks. Walking barefooted reacquainted my feet with the different ground surfaces: squishy (from the moss), prickly (from the grass), cold and hard (concrete) and plain old dusty. Also, maybe I'm going hobbity. Oh wait, I don't want the hairy feet.

Anyway, back to the moon.

So I used my usual settings: ISO 800, f/4.3 (or the biggest that my aperture can go), and a 1/80 shutter speed. Clickty-shutter-click-click and I retreated back to my usual spot in front of the laptop and transferred my photos.

Crap. No really, they were crap. Not even photoshop can save my moon photos.

What the hell am I doing wrong?

Well thank you internet for telling me how to do it properly. All this time, I was scared to change my settings and try the supposedly dark settings on a moon shot. I got the quick tutorial from clarkvision.com, copied the settings and went out again.


Settings: ISO 200 (200!! ON A DARK NIGHT!), F/4, 1/800 (AGAIN, 1/800 ON A DARK NIGHT!!), 200mm

It still needs improvement, but it's a start. Besides I was in a hurry because I still need to do some school work for the night.

(Also seen on Tumblr.)


Four People, Two Countries (Part 5): Moving Pictures

>> Saturday, October 06, 2012

Concluding the series of HK blog posts in a collection of moving photos aka a video!

hk2 from yumi pitargue on Vimeo.

To summarize our trip in numbers and doodles:

I actually took over 700 photos, but only posted 100+.

Four people, three hotels, two city tours and one crazy adventure. Thank you for the good memories Cerz, Edlyn, and Jace. I really had a blast. Love you guys. :)

P.S. Special thanks to Joms who took the time to meet with us on the first and last day. I shall see you on stage soon!


Four People, Two Countries (Part 4): Three Pairs of Eyes

>> Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last batch of photos to share. These came from different eyes and different cameras. Photos were taken by Jace, Cerz and Edlyn. All edits by me.

Photos by Ceres

View of Hong Kong from up above. I think those are the bridges connecting the two main islands.

Tourist mode with Joshua the camera and the bullhorn lens

Everyone is a princess or a prince at Disneyland


Chocolate Panacotta. mmmm.

Lovely double decker ride

My favorite was the HK$ 10. They have colorful and huge money!

The route during the monorail trip

Our Shenzhen tourguide took this photo of us

With Joms on our first day!

He gave us our first MTR experience

Photos by Edlyn... Atty. Edlyn

Hong Kong we have arrived!

The new soap opera

HAKAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. It bursts in your mouth. oh noms.

We bought Hello Kitty Stuffed toys from McDonald's. Except for Edlyn. haha

My loopy soupy Mcdonald's breakfast!

Sail away in a jade ship

SO many maps, yet we still got lost.

Wall art!

I have this photo on my study table wall

What was this treat again? Mango yogurt thingie. hahaha

Disney photos from Jason


We found Baguio in Hong Kong! (not a Disneyland shot.)

The weather in Disneyland



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