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Sayin' "What's up?" to my cup

>> Saturday, December 10, 2011

I did it again. During the pre-planning session we did in the office, I kept myself awake and sane by doodling on paper cups. Corporate planning is not really my thing. So while the rest were talking about market value, percentages and targets, I was busy filling my officemates' paper cups with doodles.

The only problem I have with doodling on paper cups is that you can't keep them. Who would even want to keep used paper cups with coffee stains in them? I took a video of the cups using my phone for documentation purposes, and chose the perfect song for it. Thank you, Glee.

You're the only thing, I wanna put them in
my cup, my cup
Sayin' "What's Up?"
to my cup (AHHHH!)
Sayin' "What's Up?"
to my cup


Dr. Kelly 10:50 PM  

This is adorable and colorful and wonderful! :) Wish I had cups to doodle on, but all I have are charts and medical requests. Teehee. Maybe I'll do some doodles and save them for a post-internship project. :)

yumi 2:38 PM  

if it's legal to doodle on your medical requests and charts, then dooo iiiiit! It might even help in making things more understandable. haha

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