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New Pages for the New Year

>> Saturday, December 31, 2011

It has been a full year for me. Events have been overflowing in my pail for 2011. There's work, the stressful schoolwork, the plane trips, the deadlines, and the expenses. I don't know how I was able to accomplish everything, but I did, one day at a time.

And on this last day of 2011 -- tomorrow is a brand new year -- I am thankful for this day of rest. I am savoring the last hours of silence because once the night sets, everybody will be on party mode and will light up the night sky with fireworks and firecrackers. We will end 2011 and start 2012 with a bang.

People will make resolutions, promise themselves that 2012 will be a clean slate. A year to start anew, to make better decisions, to work harder for an improved self. I will face 2012 with fresh clean pages on my notebooks.

Jace was again the crazy friend to give me a second (and third?) Christmas gift. He gave me enough notebooks to last me until the end of doodling life. I'm already more than halfway done on my second Moleskine and was planning to buy my third, when Jace came bearing two new notebooks. He also added a box of colored pencils.

For 2012, I will take more photos and doodle more. I will need all the de-stressing methods because this will be a crucial year for my career in my graduate studies. This summer I will be taking my practicum and come June, I hopefully will start on my thesis. But of course, with God's help, I will survive. War mode, on.

If some girls have their make-up kits, I have my doodling kit. I'm going to need a bigger bag to hold all my stuff. Not to mention my new Kindle which will come next week! Squeeee! Oh, I need a name for it. I have decided that it will be a "she."

I used the case of the Starbucks planner for my doodling kit.

Hello 2012. We will be partners in crime. We will both be awesome.


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