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My Writing Process

>> Tuesday, December 13, 2011

At work and when I'm writing the worksheets (which is supposedly what is written on my job description, but I never do it because of the extra stuff I'm asked to do -- ok, that's a different issue and I digress), I am usually asked how many pages I could write in a day.

I give an indefinite answer. Some days, I can write ten pages and in some days, I can only write half a page. I roll my eyes when people think I'm lazy just because I couldn't get past one page.

Doofus, that's my writing process. You can't rush creative juices. It comes when it comes. I can work with a deadline, but the process that happens in between day one and day deadline is untouchable. Mind your own beezzzzwaxxxx.

I have my own writing process, like all writers do. They make their own as they go along in life, as they discover what works for them, what leads them to creating an output.

My day starts early. But the morning is not dedicated to work. I don't sit in front of the computer to open a Word document and write the day away. When I open the computer, I visit websites. I read. I play. I explore.

Just like all writers, I write from experience. However, what's there to write if there's no experience to start with? I think in my five years of working, I have exhausted almost all ideas I have for the thousands of pages of worksheets that I have written. The big reservoir of ideas have run out and I need to fill it up again. So now, I do it on a daily basis by surfing the internet, by reading books, and by going to school.

During the day, the sun shines on every idea. I take it all in. I start the day with an empty mind and absorb everything that I see. If I wasn't required to be in the office from 9-6 PM, I would go around the city, gathering experiences and ideas for my worksheets. I noticed that I am inspired to write when I visit different places. But I am required to keep my butt attached to the chair, so I use the internet to travel instead.

The work happens when the sun sets (unfortunately, it's the time that I have to head home and face the grueling commute). I like writing during the dead hours because it is when my surroundings are dark. It's as if the world has emptied itself into my head. My mind is alive and awake, and is brimming with things to write. It is also the time when the world is quiet and I am able to listen intently to my thoughts. Geez, sounds like I've gone mental. Hah.

If heaven permits me, my ideal writing day would be: awake by 7, get to see the world until 2 or 3 pm, then I take a break for an hour or two for a nap. It is my way of recovering from the burst of energy from the daylight. I resume around 6 to jot down outlines and ideas. The real deal starts around 8 pm until midnight or 1 AM. Oh the things that I could do and the stories I could write in those glorious hours.

This is how I write. I can work with a deadline but I require one thing: nothing disturbs me during that given time frame. One interruption sends me back to square one and it will just leave everyone frustrated (which happens every. single. year.).

So basically, I just ranted. This has been a personal post. If you find yourself reading until the last word, thank you for reading. You deserve another doodle from my Moleskine. Here's a random flowery design:

P.S. Maybe I will write another entry about my writing process. I have another issue in mind. Will save that for another entry. Ranting is not my thaanng.


ariaxami 3:35 PM  

*big hugs*

<3choo Bloo

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I heartchoo toooo teddy bearrrr.

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