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A Very Singaporean Week: Chinatown and Marina Bay (part 2)

>> Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Second part of the Singapore trip! Thank God for the long weekend (yay for holidays!) and I was able to finish fixing all of my photos. I'll be able to post all entries before the week ends. Woohooo!

October 13

We woke up early to have our first official trip to Cannosa Convent Primary School. It was only a half-day event which consisted of a Primary 4 class observation and a short talk about the Singapore Math curriculum. I didn't bring my camera because I wasn't sure if cameras were allowed (apparently, they were). We brought a digicam, but Adi mostly took videos of the class session.

We met up with Ann for lunch and ate at this Swiss restaurant Marche. I like the set-up because the place is divided into the different meal courses. One section is for the appetizer, one section is for the salads, one section is for the beverages, one section is for the soups, one section is for the franks and another for the pasta. You are given a card upon entry and that card is swiped for every meal you get. It's tempting to keep on ordering but then you gotta refrain yourself from swiping the card too much because it'll reflect on your bill when you exit. We ordered the express lunch which is a combo of a main dish and a beverage for SG$10. The food is really expensive.

We returned to Chinatown, (we had our October 12 dinner there, as well as shop) to buy pasalubong. You can't take the Filipino culture out of us. For every place a Filipino visits, he always thinks of stuff to buy from that place to give to friends and family. It doesn't matter how small it is, as long as it's something. Another reason for coming back to Chinatown was the architecture. I love the designs of the buildings in the place -- uniform but unique. It was pretty seeing the lanterns at night, and the facade of the buildings in daytime.

When the sun was about to set, we finally called it a day in Chinatown and headed to the last stop of the day: Marina Bay. We were supposed to take the Clarke Quay cruise, but because we spent the whole afternoon shopping, we missed the last cruise time. hahaha I guess we had more time to explore Marina Bay.

Marina Bay is spectacular at night. Once the sun set (it was still a bit bright at 7 pm!!) the lights from the surrounding buildings shone like stars. It was breathtaking. For an hour, we just wandered by the bay area. We stopped to rest our feet and to watch the lights and sounds show.

Taken with my phone. My phone has a panoramic shot!

We had an expensive dinner because we were tired to think of our budget. We had saved a lot from the past days so we had money left to splurge. We had a SG$70-dinner consisting of a huge burger, a club sandwich, a plate of chili fries, two bowls of soup, a pot of tea and two glasses of soda. We also saw the theater were Lion King was being currently staged. Oh we wished we had more money to watch it. If only Wicked were showing already in Singapore, we would've spent for it too. (Oh hello random floating Louis Vuitton store in this next batch of photos. Took a picture of it while waiting for the lights and sounds.)

We lost our way to the viewing deck of the Marina Bay Sands because we couldn't find the darn entrance to the building. We maximized our stay at the top, until it closed at 10 PM. The night wasn't the end for us because T. Beth wanted to go to the Helix Bridge, which meant more walking. Ohehey. Good thing the Bus stop was at the other side of the bridge. We got home around 11:30 PM and conked out as soon as we got out of the shower. Damn that was a lot of walking.

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