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The long bus ride

>> Monday, November 28, 2011

November 21. It was a Monday. It was supposedly a fresh start for the week, equipped with a feeling brimming with hope and determination. It was just the beginning. Hope should last until the week draws to a close.

But the good does not always come as expected. Good was nowhere near that Monday -- well, at least for the commuting part.

The lines to the trains were three floors down. The trains were supposed to be a convenience, the fastest way to reach a certain destination. It wasn't for that Monday. The trains became a nuisance for employees and those headed South. There was a delay which no one knew the reason why. There were two ways to deal with it -- wait in line until the trains arrive and accommodate all passengers; or take another transportation, a bus, an FX or a taxi cab.

The bus became the option but it wasn't the best choice. It would wait at every possible stop to wait for passengers. The regular 40-minute train ride was extended to two hours, all because of the desire to pick up passengers and earn money for the day. Never mind the time hassle or the standing inside the moving vehicle. A movie played inside the bus was the only way to distract passengers from the passing time. If one wasn't into a suspense movie about robbers having a heated discussion with a man who was pretending to be rich, then he would notice the slower-than-a-snail pace of the traffic.

Three hours of travel. It could be cut down into an hour and forty minutes if it weren't for the delayed train and the long lines. A thirty-minute late mark on the time card served as a memory of that day where one surrendered to the day's events. Nothing could be done to reverse that unfortunate Monday.

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Katiejcart 2:52 PM  

Oh my gosh. Your blog is cute and I'm new at this.. What are your tricks?

yumi 9:31 AM  

Hi! Err... I don't have tricks. Just like you, I post what I feel like posting. :P

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