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three rolls of film

>> Monday, October 24, 2011

Finally got my film rolls developed this morning. Glad that my Holga photos turned out well, especially my double exposure shots. Because of that, I have concluded that I will forever use my lomo cam for double exposure and light trails.

I tried out a new photo shop for the developing. I'm sticking with that branch because they gave me a scans of my photos on a CD, as well as three rolls of film. All for free. Yay!

the dragon

University of the Philippines

the train to somewhere

going somewhere



where to eat?

caffeine high

happy dinner

white lights


little sails

sail away

my best friends
My Mum and Dad!


I see red


intersecting lights

twin davids
Twin Davids? (David Archuleta in Manila, July 18)

sea of fans
The sea of fans at Araneta during David's concert

festival of films
Cinemalaya 2011 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines

movie night

land cruise

view from the 2nd floor

cue in movie music
Universal Studios Singapore

web of steel

Cable Car, Sentosa, Singapore

signs of the times

a place to perform

where's the exit?


pink and reds

found the rainbow!
Eden Park, Davao

taste of Eden


leaving on a plane

Also seen on my Flickr.

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