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A Very Singaporean Week: Sentosa (part 1)

>> Monday, October 31, 2011

Thank God for the long weekend and I was finally able to sort my Singapore photos. I'm not done yet, I still have around a hundred more to tag. The whole day was spent on uploading the first batch. *wipes brow*

October 11

It was a whole day of traveling. I was already on the road in the morning, a long drive from the house to the airport. I live in the north of QC and the airport is in the south. I joined the morning rush hour along EDSA, hoping that I make it right on time. I wished too hard because I was the first one at the airport. Had lunch with the officemates before boarding the plane. It was approximately a three-hour trip to the land of Singapore and boy, were we egg-sight-ted.

Adi and T. Beth entertaining themselves with books and tv shows on the way to Singapore

We stayed at Ann's place, who was super kind to let us stay and bother her and her husband for a week. Such lovely people. After settling down, we had our first commute, took the train a station away to Newton, where we had dinner at Newton Circus.

Newton Circus is like a festival of food. There are a lot of cuisines to choose from. It's definitely a circus because there are people who would try to get your attention, hoping that you'd buy from their stall. They have designated people roaming around the place and once they spot a person looking for a table, they'll find you one while shoving a menu in your hands. "Come, one and all! Have a taste at the most flavorful crabs! Come in! Come in! Taste our food!" Something to that effect. It's crazy, but amusing.

Oh, we also checked out Orchard Road, which had malls one after the other. Saw the famous Lucky Plaza where Filipinos would usually gather during their days off, or buy Filipino food if you're getting homesick.

Of course we had to visit at least one bookstore. Booknerds unite!

October 12

We had no official appointments yet on the second day. Basically, we were left with a whole day to frolic and learn about the Singaporean culture, or better yet, a day to have fun. Since Sentosa was a huge (but mini) island -- get the irony -- we decided to spend our free day there.

Sentosa is one of the tourist spots that Singapore is proud of. We went there on our second day and spent the whole day roaming around the whole place. Each attraction had a fee, so we had to choose wisely on which to pick. We decided on three: the cable car, the Merlion tour and the Images of Singapore. We had good choices because the cable car gave us an areal view of part of Singapore, the Merlion tour was an overview of how the Merlion became Singapore's symbol and the Images of Singapore gave us a walkabout on the country's history. (oh, and it was also nearing Halloween so skeletons were scattered around the area.)

The financial district

The Universal Studios Singapore is another famous attraction but because we weren't that keen on rides and we were also thinking of our budget for the next days, we decided on just having our picture taken at the Universal Globe. haha

We also took a quick trip to the beaches in Sentosa, specifically the Palawan Beach. It's a man-made beach and is supposedly patterned to the beaches of Palawan, Philippines. Can I just say that Singapore's Palawan beach is FAR from our beautiful beaches? When we set foot, I was all, "YAN NA YON?" Hahaha, sorry Singapore. I love you, but our beaches are hell lotta better than yours. I did like the hanging bridge and the cockatoos though.

Ladies and gents, that is the Palawan beach of Singapore. Srsly. That's a beach. *rolls eyes*

More photos at my Multiply. I hope to post the next parts tomorrow. If not, there's still the weekend. :)


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