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Images of Powerless

>> Wednesday, September 28, 2011

According to the weather station, around 20 storms hit the Philippines. Yesterday was storm #16 (if I'm not mistaken). The office advised us to stay home and meet our deadlines. My afternoon class was cancelled which means I had all the liberty to do my work and my homework.

Then power was cut off.

My dad was able to provide internet and power for a whole two good hours, but we had to give priority to the television and the news. I just went online to submit my deadlines (and harvest my crops over at Zombie Lane on Google+ -- be my neighbor!), then I handed over the extension cords to mom. I have an awesome Dad because he made an inverter that converts car battery power to electricity.

With no power, no internet and nothing else to do, I found another battery powered gadget and put it to use.

Cue in the song "Blackout" from the musical In The Heights and let's start the camera clickin'.

Reading in the dark with my booklight

Tried studying with my other booklight, but it didn't work. I fell asleep in an instant.

Our battery-powered radio had a TV channel. So we were all huddled by candlelight by the radio as we listened to the evening shows. We went back to the 80s-90s habit of listening to radio dramas. haha It was a fun set-up.

Little critters joined me in bed and snuggled under the covers. Yeah, I was that bored, I drew on my toenails.

Droplets from the corner of our roof

The candle on the floor cast a wonderful canvas for a shadow play on the ceiling.

The storm is about to leave the country and we're expecting another one on Friday. Stay prepared and safe people.


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