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Drown in books: The Manila International Book Fair

>> Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If you're one of those people who'd go crazy at the sight of a room-full of books, then join me and lose our sanity at the 32nd Manila International Book Fair. It'll formally open tomorrow. So grab your wallets (make sure it has money in it. And I mean A LOT.) and visit Halls 1 to 4 of the SMX Convention Center. The book fair will be open to all book fanboys and girls from September 14 to 18, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

If you haven't experienced the craze of a book fair, let me give you a little preview:

1. Easy commute: Take the MRT to Taft Station (You don't have to panic whether you missed your stop or what. It's the last station on the south bound lane). Once you get out of the turnstiles, go down the stairs to where all the jeeps are. Ride the jeep that has the MOA signboard on it. Again, no need to panic because there are a gazillion MOA jeeps at the Taft Station.
2. Entrance fee: Some of the exhibitors give away free entrance passes to some people, who in turn, pass those tickets to friends. If you don't have the connections and a free pass doesn't land on your greedy hands, don't fret. The entrance fee is only P20 and gives you access to ALL of the exhibitors.
3. Once you get in, don't go all flaily right away. Plan your strategy.There will be over a hundred exhibitors who would want to sell their books. You can check out every booth, starting from the leftmost part of the convention center, moving slowly to the right. There are food stalls in the middle so there's no need to crawl in hunger when you're tired from walking around.
4. You can also go straight to the companies that you are already familiar with or know the books that they sell. For example, I always go straight to OMF Literature and check if they have new books for children.
5. Oh, wear comfortable shoes. You're gonna do a lot of walking.
6. Check out events. Some publishers have small events in their stalls. OMF Literature has a daily story telling for the children and a book signing by the author of the featured book for the day. The other booths have talks on education, on writing, on publishing, etc. Last year, I got to meet Grace Chong and Tito Dok, two children's writers whose books are published by Hiyas (OMF Lit).
7. If you are a school administrator, the MIBF has also booths that sell educational materials such as electronic books (hellloooooo Kindle), overhead projectors, smart boards, etc.
8. Discounted prices. The lovely part of this book fair is that all the books and equipment sold are discounted. They're cheaper than the original prices that we see in bookstores around the Metro.

And because I am an OMF Lit kid (my godmother used to work for OMF Lit and my Christmas gifts from her were all books), I shall promote their booth. Visit their booth at Aisle D. If you are a mother or a lover of children's books like me, I'm sure they will have another puppet show and story telling for the kids. Last year, I wanted to take Teo home. hahahahaah

For more information on the Manila International Book Fair, visit this link: http://www.manilabookfair.com/. My friend Jace also wrote about it in his blog. He listed down the events that will happen during the book fair. Check it out.

I hope to see you all there! Here's to book lovers!


Thirdy Lopez 6:37 PM  


Manila Book Fair....Excited akong bumisita!

yumi 10:47 AM  

Goodbye moolah! haha

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