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Dashing Davao

>> Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This has to be the grandest and farthest field trip that I have experienced in all of my schooling experience. Forget the buses because me and 20 of my classmates boarded a plane and traveled to the south of the Philippines, to the land of durian and suha -- DAVAO!

For two nights and two days, we stayed in Davao for class requirement to observe public schools and various DepEd programs. My respect for dedicated public school teachers shot out of this planet. With a minimal salary and allowance, they are able to go from one town to another just to make sure that the students of Davao get the education that they need. If you think teaching is an easy course and job, then you can all feed yourselves to crocodiles. Maaaan, teachers are my heroes.

I'm sure that all the hard work and sacrifices pay off when the teacher sees the smiles of your students. Nothing beats the sight of your students getting the lesson and making a connection from what you are saying to their actual lives.

Besides the school hopping, we were also given free time to check out the city. Besides buying pasalubong for our relatives back in Manila, we visited two tourist spots: Davao Crocodile Farm and Eden Nature Park. Sights to see and experience!

Tribu K' Mindanawan at the Davao Crocodile Farm

Davao Crocodile Farm - yep there were other animals in the farm besides crocodiles

Eden Nature Park


I did not experience any kind of traffic in Davao City.

Flight back home to Manila

The trip to Davao was a wonderful experience. I also met up with relatives from the father's side who are residing there, and spent two dinners with them. It was nice seeing someone familiar in an unknown land. I am in love with the place, even if I lost to eating durian. It's like Manila, but a million times better in terms of trash management, traffic and road congestion. In my two-night and two-day stay there, I only saw 3 buses; where in Manila, I can spot 30 buses with just a blink of an eye. haha I think I can give up living in Manila with a life in Davao, except that I first need to learn the Bisaya language and learn to love that darn durian fruit.

More photos in my Multiply.


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