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Teaser: Card Project

>> Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Saturday, I tweeted that I was on a card project. I'm on this mission to send mail the old school way -- aka by sending mail via post office -- to friends. I started sending letters last year, but it was only Kel who kept the letter exchange regular.

I asked for addresses again and this time I made the letter-sending extra special. Instead of writing on stationery, I decided to create my own cards. With my trusty materials in my drawer, I customized cards for four of my friends.

I can't post photos yet because I haven't mailed them. I want my friends to receive my cards first before I share with you the personalized cards. But since M has been bugging me about it over the weekend, I will show a teaser.

The local mail will probably take two weeks at the most to mail. My international cards will take a little over a month. It definitely takes long for a single message to arrive, but the thrill of receiving something in the mail other than bills is so worth the wait.


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