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Ribbon-cutting ceremonies... again.

>> Thursday, August 18, 2011

This spot has been resurrected a lot of times and have gone through different themes. It started as a regular blog -- thoughts and college experiences jotted down without any care on who'll read it. Somewhere along the way, I moved to a different site for journal writing and left this to die. I resurrected it once again and just reposted everything I wrote on the other online journal. Then I used this spot as a platform to practice my Filipino writing skills, writing an entry in English then translating it in Filipino. That too, died eventually (I got tired of thinking of Filipino words. It was good practice though, but it was time-consuming. Try translating time-consuming, Yumi.)

I created another blog on Tumblr for my 7107-photo project. Once in a while, I'll dump whatever I posted there here on Blogspot, adding a few descriptions here and there. And when I delved into doodling on the Moleskine, I added the scans to my photo dump.

Eventually, I decided to have a "fresh" start with a new theme: Doodles and Photographs, which became the title of this blog.

Besides posting my doodles and photographs, I promise to write a paragraph or two (or more!) describing the photo post. Because of the rise of socia media and the 140-character limit, Writing has now become a dying art. I want to bring back the talkative person in me, through the use of writing, may it be in the form of long hand or typing down thoughts.

As you can see, I got rid of the clutter (aka the numerous buttons and links). I kept one stat counter to keep track of you people (I see youuuuu all), the links for the archive, and the twitter feed. I'm still thinking if I should include the chatbox. Spam links are the only ones posting, so I don't know if it's worth the blog space. Gone is the overcrowded banner, replacing it with a simple one with one image. It's an image of my Holga, which I drew on my Moleskine, then scanned for a digital copy. I also found cute icons for the other sites I'm part of.

Tumblr - 7107photos.tumblr.com
Twitter - twitter.com/bloowind
Flickr - flickr.com/photos/yumipitz (for photos taken with a DSLR) aaand flickr.com/photos/bloowind (for Film photos and doodles)
DeviantArt - yawmeepeets.deviantart.com
Multiply - yawmeepeets.multiply.com

I realized that I still use my Multiply account (even if it's considered dead already to fellow bloggers) for the unlimited photo storage. A Multiply logo isn't included in the logo pack that I downloaded. If I am not able to find another set, I might resort to doodling my own icons. When... I have the time. ETA: Found the time. All icons are made by me. Tatatadah, thank you procrastination.

That's it for my "hello" speech. I shall update regularly, now that I removed the unnecessary stuff.



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